2000 NAQT Intercollegiate Championship

Division II Results

The 2000 NAQT ICT Division II tournament started with a round-robin of 26 teams split into two 13-team divisions. Ties within a division were broken by points per tossup heard if the difference between the two teams was 0.75, otherwise, 8-tossup-only mini-games were played between the teams.

Once the ties were broken, the 1st place teams in each division played each other, the 2nd places and so on down to 13th. Following was a one-match ladder, where the loser of the 1st place game played the winner of the 2nd place game and so on. Finally, a best two-of-three between the top two teams and the next two teams with the higher of the two teams in each of the games holding a one-game advantage.

Harvard defeated Rhodes 245-155 to claim the championship while Princeton needed a two-game victory to defeat Cal-Berkeley 255-165 after losing 90-190.

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