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You Gotta Know These Artistic Creations

The following table lists the thirty most-frequently referenced works of visual art in NAQT questions as of May 7, 2002. While you really gotta know their creators, these are also some of the works about which more substantive questions are written, so teams should be prepared for questions on their materials, design, technique, depicted action, and circumstances of creation.

1The Arnolfini WeddingPaintingJan van Eyck143421
2The Birth of VenusPaintingSandro Botticelli148020
3Perseus With the Head Of MedusaSculptureBenvenuto Cellini156320
4The Persistence of MemoryPaintingSalvador (Felipe Jacinto) Dalí (y Domenech)193118
5The KissSculpture(René-François-)Auguste Rodin188618
6Mona LisaPaintingLeonardo da Vinci150017
7Liberty Leading the PeoplePaintingEugene Delacroix183017
8DavidSculptureMichelangelo (Buonarotti)150417
9Last SupperPaintingLeonardo da Vinci1495-149816
10The ThinkerSculpture(René-François-)Auguste Rodin1880-116
11School of AthensPaintingRaphael150914
12The Death of MaratPaintingJacques-Louis David179313
13Luncheon on the Grass PaintingÉdouard Manet186313
14American GothicPaintingGrant Wood193013
15Arrangement in Grey and Black, No. 1: The Artist’s MotherPaintingJames (Abbott) McNeill Whistler187113
16Bird in SpaceSculptureConstantin Brancusi191913
17FallingwaterBuildingFrank Lloyd Wright193612
18The Hay WainPaintingJohn Constable182112
19NighthawksPaintingEdward Hopper194212
20Las MeninasPaintingDiego (Rodríguez de Silva y) Velázquez165612
21The Blue BoyPaintingThomas Gainsborough177012
22I and the VillagePaintingMarc Chagall191111
23The ScreamPaintingEdvard Munch189310
24GuernicaPaintingPablo Picasso y Ruiz193710
25Les Demoiselles d’AvignonPaintingPablo Picasso y Ruiz190710
26PrimaveraPaintingSandro Botticelli147810
27Impression: SunrisePainting(Oscar-)Claude Monet187210
28Burial at OrnansPaintingGustave Courbet1849-5010
29DavidSculptureDonatelloc. 144010
30The Ecstasy of Saint TeresaSculptureGianlorenzo Bernini164610

NAQT has complete lists of the works of literature, art, and music that have been mentioned in its questions, sorted by frequency, available for purchase by coaches or teams for use as study guides.

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