Terms of Use

This policy was last updated on July 1, 2021.


The primary purpose of NAQT’s website is to facilitate NAQT quiz bowl competition and the growth thereof. It is not permitted to use data from our website for any commercial purpose other than running a tournament on NAQT questions, covering quiz bowl in the media, or evaluating actual or potential business relationships. If you have another purpose in mind, contact naqt@naqt.com for permission.


All information users provide to NAQT through our website must be truthful to the best of their knowledge. This includes, but is not limited to, a prohibition on knowingly providing false information about affiliations and roles with schools and other organizations.

NAQT may terminate or suspend a person or organization’s access to naqt.com (or specific parts thereof) at our discretion.


The following rules apply to accounts on naqt.com:

Automated Access

Automated access to naqt.com is generally not permitted. If you wish to scrape our website or do other automated things, contact tech@naqt.com to discuss your use case; we may be able to provide the data in a more convenient fashion. Automated access to NAQT’s RSS feeds is permitted at a rate of no more than once per feed per minute. Established general-purpose search engines may index naqt.com as long as they obey our robots.txt file.