2018 D-Value Revision

As mentioned in its list of changes for the 2018 Sectional Championship Tournaments and Intercollegiate Championship Tournament, NAQT has made minor revisions to the D-Value system used to compare the performance of teams at different SCTs.

The changes are based on analysis of SCT and ICT performance over the past eight years (2010 to 2017) and are expected to improve the correlation between calculated D-Value and ICT performance (measured either by final finish or points per tossup heard). One motivation for the change was the new, tier-based qualification system for the ICT in which SCT champions are no longer guaranteed an invitation.

The revised system will be used for the 2018 SCTs; it will be used for both CC SCTs and SCTs in 2019 once NAQT has had time to perform a similar analysis on the data from its community college tournaments.

The new system involves three changes:

Questions and comments about these changes can be directed to NAQT at naqt@naqt.com.

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