Outreach Grants

NAQT is no longer accepting grant applications for 2019–2020. We thank everyone who applied! The remainder of this page serves as documentation of the requirements when we were accepting applications.

In the 2019–2020 competition year, NAQT is offering a series of “Outreach Grants” to support community members interested in expanding quiz bowl in their area.

NAQT will award up to ten grants of up to $1,000 apiece to facilitate projects aimed at “expanding quiz bowl.” This is intended to be a very general goal that would encompass getting new schools/players involved, bringing quiz bowl to new audiences, improving the quality of teams, raising the public profile of the activity, and so on.

Applicants should keep these guidelines in mind:

In addition to the grant (up to $1,000), NAQT will provide free questions for proposed competitions during the coming year. NAQT may also be able to help with recruiting staffers, contacting potential participants, designing schedules, finding buzzers, sending mailers, or providing other forms of support. (But applicants will assume the bulk of the responsibility in ensuring that the proposed events happen and are well run.)

To apply for a grant, send an e-mail to outreach@naqt.com that concisely describes:

Please keep applications brief (1,000 words or fewer): We may contact you for additional details if the general outline intrigues us.

Proposals are due to NAQT by October 15, 2019. NAQT will review proposals as they come in and will make a final decision on each proposal no later than October 31.

If you have any questions about these outreach grants, please don’t hesitate to contact us at outreach@naqt.com.

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