2019 Science Championship

NAQT is pleased to have been chosen as the exclusive provider of questions for the inaugural Science Championship run by Academic Competition Enterprises (ACE).

The Science Championship is open to all students in 4th through 12th grades. It begins with an online quiz, whose top scorers will be invited to nationwide qualifiers during the spring. The top players in each grade will earn the opportunity to compete for the championship at the Science World Fair held in June 2019 in Atlanta. The qualifiers and championship will involve both written and buzzer-based competition.

Rounds will consist of 27 questions very similar in style, length, and difficulty to the tossups found in NAQT’s traditional packets. The questions will cover every subdiscipline of science and math, with the content becoming progressively more challenging as participants advance in the competition.

NAQT has released a sample packet of questions to show sponsors, parents, and players what a round of competition at a qualifier will be like. In addition, NAQT is releasing six additional promotional packets of questions that increase in difficulty (just like the actual competition). These packets are offered free to anybody with an interest in science, though they are intended to help players prepare for this new competition.

To receive the free packets, either register as a sponsor at the Science Championship website or enter your information on this page. It is not required that you plan on sponsoring participants in the Science Championship to sign up for these promotional sets.

Contact information provided through this form will be shared with the organizers of the Science Championship.

For more information about this event, e-mail info@sciencechampionship.com.

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