2017 St. Mark’s Results

The initial results submitted from the St. Mark’s School of Texas Invitational (held on February 25) documented a statistically anomalous performance by the Windhaven Park E team given its members’ previous tournament experience.

After reviewing comments from coaches, moderators, and players involved with the matches and soliciting statements from the Windhaven Park E team and coach, NAQT extended an offer to the team to validate the results by demonstrating a similar proficiency at quiz bowl under the controlled circumstances of a Skype session. The team declined this offer.

As a result of that decision, NAQT chose not to accept the submitted results and has instead vacated all wins by Windhaven Park teams at the tournament, rescinded invitations to the HSNCT earned at earlier events, and banned two of the players on Windhaven Park E from further competition at NAQT events. In addition, NAQT has issued nationals invitations to teams at the tournament that had a plausible chance to earn them if their games against Windhaven Park teams had gone the other way.

Despite the exceptional nature of this action, NAQT does not consider performances by Windhaven Park students at other tournaments or by other Windhaven Park players at the St. Mark’s School of Texas Invitational to be in any way questionable.

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