About Buzzword

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What is Buzzword?

Buzzword is an exciting online game of knowledge and recall from NAQT, the leading provider of quiz bowl questions. Buzzword will challenge the depth and breadth of your knowledge in an engaging, audio-based format and let you compare your results with those of players at your level from around the world.

Buzzword is played on all-new questions by NAQT. These questions are never reused within Buzzword or any other competition.

How does a Buzzword game work?

When you’re ready, you’ll hear an audio recording of a question. There will be multiple clues that all point to the same answer, arranged from most difficult to easiest—in other words, an ordinary quiz bowl tossup question.

As soon as you know the answer, buzz in by pressing the button. The audio file will stop and you’ll be able to enter your answer. If your answer is correct, you’ll receive 10 points plus up to 10 additional points depending on how early in the question you buzzed. If you get to the end of the question, you might as well take a guess; there is no penalty for wrong answers.

There are 50 questions in each game.

At the end of the game, you’ll see your score. In regular seasonal play, each game is available for four days, so keep checking the standings to see how your score holds up against the competition. You’ll be able to dig into rich statistics showing scoring statistics for each question, who buzzed fastest, who’s performing the best in each category, and more.

Buzzword is available in regular seasonal play (eight-week seasons at each of three difficulty levels, one new game per week) and sometimes for special events.

Who can play Buzzword?

Players play Buzzword in one of four divisions based on their school enrollment status:

Although the first three divisions require enrollment in a school or homeschool for eligibility, Buzzword is not a school-based competition and players do not represent their schools.

Buzzword is available at three difficulty levels: Level A (easiest), Level B, and Level C (hardest).

You can play Buzzword at any combination of division and difficulty, including multiple difficulty levels (but not multiple divisions, regardless of education/enrollment status).

Buzzword requires an NAQT website account, and is therefore limited to players who are at least 13 years old.

The above is just an overview of Buzzword eligibility; if you’re planning to play, please read the details.

How are Buzzword events structured?

Buzzword seasonal play occurs in eight-week seasons. You can start playing at any point in a season.

Each season, there will be one 50-question game per week (at each difficulty level).

All of the gameplay days are based on midnight Central time (with daylight saving time when applicable). For example, if you’re registered to play a Level A game and you’re in the Pacific time zone, you can play starting at 10 p.m. Wednesday (because that’s midnight Wednesday Central time) and you must finish playing by Sunday night at 10 p.m. (because that’s the midnight that ends Sunday in Central time).

After each game (week), players will be ranked overall, by region, by grade (except in the Open Division), and (after the first Buzzword season) among new players (players who had not competed in that division before).

After each season, players’ five best scores will be used to rank them in the same ways. Players will also be ranked in individual subject areas (based on all questions, not just their five best games).

In addition to that form of seasonal play, special events are sometimes available.

How much does Buzzword cost?

In regular seasonal play, each 50-question game (week) costs $5, or $35 for an eight-game season.

Not sure if you’re ready for that kind of commitment? Try a sample game.

What do I need?

Most computers and mobile devices can play Buzzword! You’ll need speakers or headphones to hear the questions, and you’ll need to be able to type answers.

You can test your equipment on a sample game.

For technical help, write to

Am I allowed to look things up?

Buzzword is about testing your knowledge and recall, not your search-engine skills. You may not use any resources outside of your brain (such as reference material or other people).

What else should I know about Buzzword?

We wrote up some frequently asked questions and answers (well, questions we guessed would be frequently asked). If you have a question that’s not addressed there, ask us at