2022 Community College Championship Tournament Logistics Information

The 2022 Community College Championship Tournament (CCCT) was held online on February 26, 2022.



    February 26, 2022 (Saturday).


    Online, via Zoom and in accordance with the rest of NAQT’s Online Tournament Guide.

    To promote confidence in the integrity of online competition, NAQT has established an Integrity Policy for Online National Championships that establishes requirements for players while they are active. All players and coaches should read the policy, and all players should be prepared to comply with it during gameplay.

    Technical Requirements

    Players should read and must follow the rules and procedures in NAQT’s Online Tournament Guide. This includes, but is not limited to, the requirements that players must…

    Furthermore, we very strongly recommend that players…

    In addition to the requirements of the Online Tournament Guide, for this tournament:


    This schedule is final.

    All times are listed in Central time.

    Time Event
    8:30 – 8:40 a.m. Team Meeting
    8:45 – 9:25 a.m. Round 1
    9:25 – 10:05 a.m. Round 2
    10:05 – 10:45 a.m. Round 3
    10:45 – 11:25 a.m. Round 4
    11:30 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. Break (Lunch)
    12:15 – 12:55 p.m. Round 5
    12:55 – 1:35 p.m. Round 6
    1:35 – 2:15 p.m. Round 7
    2:15 – 2:30 p.m. Break
    2:30 – 3:10 p.m. Round 8
    3:10 – 3:50 p.m. Round 9
    3:50 – 4:30 p.m. Round 10
    4:30 – 5:10 p.m. Round 11
    5:10 – 5:15 p.m. Break
    5:15 – 5:55 p.m. Final/Tiebreakers (if necessary)
    5:55 – 6:05 p.m. Awards and Closing

    Frequently Asked Questions

    NAQT has prepared answers to frequently asked questions about its national championships.

    Rules and Eligibility

    This tournament will use NAQT’s Official Gameplay Rules as modified for online play. Player eligibility is governed by the Community College Eligibility Rules.


    Schools qualified to send teams to the CCCT through their performances at the Community College Sectional Championship Tournaments held on the weekend of January 21–23.


    These teams attended the tournament.


    Teams will be initially divided into two pools of eight teams, each of which will play a round robin (Rounds 1–7).

    After Round 7, teams will be ranked within their preliminary pools by win-loss record followed by points per tossup heard. (For the sake of expedience in an online tournament, ties in record will not be broken by gameplay.) Two playoff pools will be formed. One will consist of the top four teams from each preliminary pool, and the other will consist of the other four teams from each preliminary pool.

    In rounds 8–11, each team will play the teams that are in the same playoff pool and were not in the same preliminary pool.

    After Round 11, teams will be ranked by playoff pool followed by win-loss record in games among teams in the same playoff pool. Any tie for first or third place (in the top playoff pool) will be broken, which will involve multiple stages if there are more than two teams involved in the tie; ties for other places will be left standing.

    Fees and Payment

    Registration has closed.

    The registration fee is $360 per team.

    The registration fee only covers participation in the tournament. It does not cover equipment or other expenses.


    Invitation acceptances will be considered final on February 15. If a team cancels on or after February 16, it will be liable for 50% of the base registration fee as a cancellation penalty. Teams who cancel on or after February 24, including tournament no-shows, will be liable for the entire base registration fee. Failure to submit participation agreements on time may be treated as a cancellation, including incurring a cancellation fee, at NAQT’s discretion.


    Once you have entered all the information that can affect costs (but not necessarily entered your roster), at the bottom of your registration page or the field page (while you’re logged in), click “View Cost.” Verify that the listed information is correct. If it is, follow the page’s instructions to request an invoice (so we have the proper billing information), and you will be offered the opportunity to pay by credit card.

    You can also pay by sending a check, payable to “NAQT,” to

    National Academic Quiz Tournaments, LLC
    11521 W 69th St
    Shawnee, KS 66203–3749

    Please send questions about billing to billing@naqt.com.

    Participation Agreements

    Every person attending the tournament—including players, coaches, and spectators—will be required to sign a participation agreement covering expectations, media coverage, etc. All agreements must be submitted to participate@naqt.com by Saturday, February 19, 2022.

    Download Agreement Form

    The signature(s) on the participation agreement must be handwritten, not typed. The agreement may be submitted by sending a scan or photo to participate@naqt.com. Only the last page is required unless the participant is indicating a preference not to be recorded (in which case the page with the checkbox to indicate that preference must be included).


    This tournament will use the same questions as Division II of the 2022 (four-year) Sectional Championship Tournaments. This question set has not been (and will not be) made available for any other community college tournaments, but programs with dual-enrolled players must be certain their players do not have (or cancel) any other plans to play those questions. (There are also other eligibility considerations that apply to dual-enrolled players.)


    Teams finishing in fourth place or higher will each receive one plaque, one medal for each player, and one medal for the coach. These will be sent to one address specified by the team.

    The top eight scorers (by points per tossup heard in the preliminary rounds) will each receive a medal. For players on teams that finished in the top four, the medals will be sent with the team awards. For players not on such teams, the medals will be shipped to the players.

    Qualifying for the ICT

    The top three teams from this tournament will be guaranteed spots in the overall Division II collegiate championship at the 2022 Intercollegiate Championship Tournament on April 1–2, 2022 in Rosemont, IL.

    Advocate Program

    Because NAQT believes that quiz bowl is an activity for everybody, and in which all participants should feel welcome and respected, we have established the Advocate Program to make sure select tournament staff are available to hear reports about problematic behavior and comments by anyone at the tournament.

    Please send concerns to advocate@naqt.com, ideally as soon as practical after any incident.

    There are other suitable channels for reporting concerns, such as the Misconduct Reporting Form, but the Advocate Program is intended to allow for immediate reporting of sensitive complaints so they can be handled during the tournament.

    Reports are confidential to the extent permitted by law and NAQT’s agreements to share critical information with other quiz bowl organizations.

    Practice Material

    Participants may be interested in purchasing questions from previous years to prepare for the event. All of NAQT’s past regular-season sets are available, as are the sets from previous championships.

    Participants may also want to purchase frequency lists, Power Up study guides, and/or Thumbs Up! question anthologies. These are also available on our practice materials page.

    Finally, participants may want to look at the information contained in NAQT’s free You Gotta Know articles before the tournament. These detail the most frequently asked-about question topics in a wide variety of areas.


    In general, spectators are welcome to attend any and all parts of the tournament. However, anyone planning to play (or considering playing) on the same question set, and their friends, relatives, coaches, and chaperones may not watch games or otherwise communicate with anyone about the questions, nor may they be in the same room as anyone participating in games, nor may they be in any location where they could hear any sound from games.

    Prospective spectators should read NAQT’s advice for spectators of online tournaments. To ensure the quality of the tournament experience for players, spectators may be removed from games if they are disruptive or if the moderator believes that their presence is degrading audio or video quality.

    No registration or tickets are required for spectators.

    Social Media

    The official hashtag for the tournament is ccct; please use this tag for all posts about the tournament.

    Remember that question content for the championship cannot be posted online (or shared through other channels)! This means that players, coaches, spectators, and moderators should not discuss clues, answers, or even overall themes (e.g., “Lots of opera”) with people on other teams (even those from the same school).

    NAQT Nationals app logo

    Companion Mobile App

    NAQT has created a companion mobile app for attendees. The app includes the tournament schedule (with the ability to set reminders for various events), links to results, connections to social media, and other important documents related to the tournament.

    Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play

    Further Questions

    To ask specific questions about the CCCT, write to ccct@naqt.com.

    We look forward to answering any and all questions, no matter how expansive or trivial, in the hopes of eliminating any possible confusion or mistakes in participants’ plans. If something’s not clear, let us know!

    2022 Community College Championship Tournament

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