Division I

Division I is the higher of the two echelons of play recognized by NAQT at the collegiate level. Division I is intended to provide experienced quiz bowl teams with the highest level of competition.

Sectional Championship Tournaments (SCTs) and the Intercollegiate Championship Tournament (ICT) award overall Division I championships, also called “Division I Open.” Those tournaments also recognize the top Division I teams consisting entirely of undergraduates (with four or fewer years of quiz bowl experience); that team is considered the winner of the Division I Undergraduate title.

In general, Division I and Division II teams compete separately.

All students eligible to represent their institution under NAQT’s Collegiate Eligibility Rules may compete in Division I. Less experienced students may be able to compete in Division II. Players may compete in Division I even if they are eligible for Division II (though, in some circumstances, this may cost them their Division II eligibility).

Collegiate Divisions

NAQT offers three forms of collegiate quiz bowl competition — read about them all!

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