2017–2018 Teams & Players of the Week

NAQT began its program of honoring top teams and players each week in January 2017.

For 2017–2018, the program is primarily occurring on NAQT’s social media: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Week of April 21, 2018

Week of April 14, 2018

Northmont High School (Clayton, OH) is our #naqtHSteamoftheweek From coach David Jones: I have been really impressed with our team's performance this year. Our team has no seniors and one junior, and is primarily composed of freshmen (we have started an all freshman lineup at the majority of tournaments this season). Our team loves to travel around the country to compete, and we have have already competed this season in Glasgow and Louisville (KY), Virginia Tech (VA), White Cloud (MI), Washington University (MO), Rockford Auburn (IL), Boston Latin School (MA) and will be competing at the NHBB Nationals, the NAQT High School National Championship Tournament and PACE Nationals later this season. I firmly believe that teams are best when they compete regularly against a wide variety of competition. We have maintained one of the most rigorous travel schedules of any team in the country for the last decade, which has led to a lot of success (7 state championships in the last decade). Despite having a really young team, I have been thrilled with our success this year. Our current varsity record is 173-66 (we play almost every weekend all season!) and we have won four tournaments. Our freshman captain Samantha Street has finished in the top 5 scorers at just about every event she has played all season, which I am really proud of. Funny anecdote: Our assistant coach (and 2017 graduate) Kara Combs often gets mistaken for a middle schooler at tournaments! Pictured from left to right are: Athena Dobles, Jazlyn Simon, Amara Nwanoro, Zach Weeks, Samantha Street and Sean Scranton. #naqt #quizbowl #teamoftheweek #ohio #teamohio

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Week of April 7, 2018

Richmond Middle School (Hanover, NH) is our #naqtMSteamoftheweek From coach Alex Lovejoy: Our Team mottos are "We do what we love and we love what we do!" and "You know more than you think you know!" We can't wait to go to Chicago and compete at the 2018 MSNCT, and we're very excited that we're all going to to see "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" too! As always, we look forward to continuing our tradition of playing a game/ match against Patrick Matthews while we're in Chicago- we're hoping for a "Two-peat" this year! As for the individual players, Adam likes Mythology, enjoys baking (we love his brownies!) and is a huge fan of both the book and the movie Ready Player One. Cam is a huge sports fan- both College and Professional baseball, tennis, basketball, soccer and, football. Danny is passionate about History, Lenin, and playing Quiz Bowl. Dennis and Cole enjoy video gaming, Bill Nye The Science Guy, Literature and Ready Player One. Johnny likes comedians, cars, and Starbucks! Lyra loves to hang out with her friends and play soccer. She also plays the piano, loves to read, and is interested in French, Science and a little bit of Harry Potter too! Simon is passionate about mountain biking and spending as much time as possible on two wheels. Sora likes to memorize pi, sing, and play soccer! In his free time, Dill is a hockey goalie and, an American Presidents/History buff! @rmsquizbowl @rmshanover #naqt #teamoftheweek #newhampshire

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Week of March 24, 2018

Week of March 17, 2018

Lily Zhang of State College High School (State College, PA) is our #naqtHSplayeroftheweek From coach Sheila Abruzzo: Lily Zhang has been a member of the State College Quiz Bowl Team for all four years of high school. Having started as a freshman and attended practices with seniors who had much more experience and knowledge after four years of high school, she knows well how intimidating this can be. In an effort to grow the team and provide a more nurturing experience for the younger players, she developed a plan to indoctrinate them with lessons and questions more appropriate for their level and separate from the more experienced players. She was incredibly successful! She is one of three seniors on the team but our freshmen and sophomore numbers are soaring. In addition, serving as vice president as a junior and president as a senior she is incredibly organized and proactive. She initiates tournaments, organizes teams, plans for practices, leads by example and follows through with everything she begins. She will be greatly missed next year when she leaves State High to attend MIT. Outside of Quiz Bowl, Lily is involved in NHS and is instrumental in organizing a 5K called The Bunny Hop to benefit the Four Diamonds Club for children with cancer. Lily's involvement is very clear as she has been walking around the school for two weeks advertising this event via a pair of bunny ears atop her head! #playeroftheweek #girlsinquizbowl #pennsylvania @paquizbowl @lnz0018

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Week of March 10, 2018

Week of March 3, 2018

Week of February 24, 2018

Virgil I. Grissom High School (Huntsville, AL) is our #naqtHSteamoftheweek due to their performance at the 2018 ASCA Junior Varsity State Championship From coach Luke Sheehan: Outside of Quizbowl: Marissa Askew enjoys playing the oboe, singing, and reading classical literature. Josh Carter founded the Cornhole Club at Grissom High School (the 2nd largest club at the school). Peter Choi is an avid dancer and is a National Merit Finalist. Patrick Gamble is a sophomore and is by the time he is a freshman in college he will have enough math credits to have a bachelor’s degree in math. Manas Gangasani likes playing videogames and he is a devoted procrastinator. Jake Greer crashed his car the day before winning the state championship. Charis Harrison is an AP Scholar, president of HOSA, and has competed internationally in Green Power (the low-budget, high school version of NASCAR). Grace Hart enjoys classic rock, reading, and the arts in general. Louis Levesque is an avid runner and competes in trail races. Carson Mades likes movies, Legos, playing the clarinet, and watching The Great British Baking Show. Lynnlee Poe is a National Merit Finalist and Presidential Scholar Candidate. She also loves to dance. Caitlyn Sebastian enjoys cloud watching and semi-trucks. Carter Thomas got those Fortnite angles on lock. Andrew Weir plays soccer and is a National Merit Finalist. John Whitley loves to fence on the weekend. Caleb Wong is the best AWPer in North America. Kevin Yang thinks pen spinning is underrated. Mr. Sheehan is the coach and he likes going to concerts. Editor's note: Virgil I. Grissom was one of the first men in space, and died during the Apollo 1 mission. #naqt #quizbowl #alabama #grissom @asca #scholasticbowl #teamoftheweek

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Week of February 17, 2018

Week of February 10, 2018

Week of February 3, 2018

Week of January 27, 2018

Week of January 20, 2018

Creekside Christian Academy (McDonough, GA) is our #naqtMSteamoftheweek. From coach Tiphany White: As player Kelly Hadaway puts it, "Our Quiz Bowl team is like one big meme, and I love it." CCA’s team loves to have a good time and has more inside jokes than any one group of people should, but when our hands hit the buzzer, it is game time. Captain Judah Prisk and Blessed Mutebi started on CCA’s middle school team in elementary school because there weren’t enough middle school players. Since that time, they have become powerhouses. 3rd grader Isabel Mutebi, wanting to follow in her sister’s (Blessed) footsteps, is our youngest member. Zimmie Locklear is our "resident guesser", turning complete guesses into points. When the score is tied, Ayden White comes through with an answer to help us pull ahead. Our literary genius, Braedyn Bera is able to answer questions on everything from Harry Potter to Pride and Prejudice. Always sporting a new book of random facts or brain teasers, Claire Jones is continually preparing for tournaments. Cameron Brooks set his sights high this year, hoping to get to eat at CiCi’s Pizza before the season is over. Lastly, we have our comedian, Preston Jones because everything can and should be funny. I am so appreciative of these students hard work, dedication, and faithfulness in using their minds and talents for the glory of God! #everythingstartsatthecreek @CCACougarsHS @CCA_thecreek @CreeksideChristianAcademy #georgia #gicaa #quizbowl #naqt #teamoftheweek

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Week of January 13, 2018

BASIS Scottsdale (Scottsdale, AZ) is our #naqtHSteamoftheweek. From player Abby Marcolini: “INSECTS!” One of our then-newest members of the BASIS Scottsdale quiz bowl team left us all in utter silence when he stood up from the desk at practice and yelled the word at the top of his lungs. His savage reaction was in response to an incorrect word muttered by a a teammate, who thought "entomology" was the study of the origins of words when, in actuality, it was the study of — yes, you guessed it — insects. The quiet reaction of the room quickly fell to its usual, genuine laughter. The simple word “insect” then became a running inside joke among the team members, even with the perpetrator himself. He was new at school, and, though his outburst was jolting, the team’s friendly and easy-going reactions to the situation turned an event that could have been humiliating into a warm, relatable memory that we can still laugh and reminisce about today. One would expect BASIS Scottsdale’s quiz bowl team to fit the exact stereotype of a BASIS student: robotic, independent, and intense. The team itself quickly breaks such expectations and instead demonstrates genuine passion and love for the game and its players. It is the understanding nature of the students compounded with their thirst for knowledge that essentially defines BASIS Scottsdale’s team. #arizona #aqa #basised @basised @basisscottsdale #quizbowl #teamoftheweek

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Week of January 6, 2018

Week of December 16, 2017

Week of December 9, 2017

Episcopal School of Acadiana (Broussard, LA) is our #naqtHSteamoftheweek. From coach Ashley Dugas: Episcopal School of Acadiana’s motto is "Arete" meaning "excellence from within". In Louisiana, our team has the reputation of being an excellent team. However, teams actually enjoy playing against ESA. This is because ESA teams know that at the end of the day, we are all having fun doing what we love. Win or lose, they always shake hands and say, "good game" to the other teams. They strive for excellence, but they always make sure their honor is intact. We have two members of the team who scored 36 on the ACT as well as became National Merit Semi-Finalists this past year. We also have team members who are leads in the school musicals, leaders on various sports teams, volunteer within the community, and so much more. At ESA, we encourage well-rounded students, and their willingness to push outside their comfort zone helps them be competitive in tournaments. Over the past several years, ESA has placed in the top three at the state tournament, placing 2nd in Division II at the LQBA State Championship in 2017. While ESA has qualified for nationals in previous years, the school was able to send two teams to SSNCT in Chicago this past spring. They placed 6th in the Private division. The teams look forward to many more successes and adventures in the quiz bowl world. What’s their secret to success? Before every tournament, Coach Ashley Dugas brings them donuts and kolaches from Meche’s (a local donut shop in Lafayette, LA)! Those sugary delights always get the team motivated for the day’s tournament! @LAQuizBowl; @esacadiana #lqba #louisiana #quizbowl #teamoftheweek

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Week of December 2, 2017

Week of November 18, 2017

Pettisville High School (Pettisville, OH), is our #naqtHSteamoftheweek, for their performance at the Hicksville Invitational. From coach Rebecca Dorosz: Pettisville, Ohio, population 498, is a small town with no stop light, no gas station, no shopping mall, and fields in every direction. Within the town is a gem of a school, where students — PK-12 all in one building — know how to work hard and achieve at high levels with an entire community cheering them on. As a member of the school’s original team, I took over the quiz bowl program six years ago and have seen it grow exponentially since then. We average over 30 quiz members a year, which is even more impressive when considering that our school graduates approximately 45 each year. (Yes, that means about 20% of our high school is on the academic quiz team.) The students on our team aren’t just quizzers. The team, lovingly nicknamed the “Nerd Herd” — is comprised of multi-sport athletes, student government leaders, musicians, actors, FFA and FCCLA members, and artists; with most also holding part-time jobs. That’s what you do in a small school. Quiz bowl is just one of the many things they are involved in, but they commit to it fully, and that’s why I am most proud of them. Participating in quiz bowl is one of the ways they are preparing themselves to be more successful in the real world as they cultivate confidence, develop their intuition, and expand knowledge. I am beyond thrilled that in our first NAQT tournament we met the success we did. These kids deserve it; they are amazing human beings, and I love having the opportunity to coach them — even if those close matches make my heart race from the sidelines. @phsnerdherd @rebeccadorosz @rdorosz #ohio #teamohio @quizboss #quizbowl #naqt #teamoftheweek

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Week of November 11, 2017

Week of November 4, 2017

Week of October 28, 2017

Week of October 21, 2017

Dylan Cox of Gate City High School (Gate City, Va) is our #naqtHSplayeroftheweek. . . ??From Coaches Sarah Whisenhunt, Mary Alice McClellan, and Breanna Stokes: . . Dylan is an outstanding representative of his team, his school, and his community. He has been an important part of the team since joining his freshman year, and an integral part since his sophomore year, when his point production increased by a whopping 1,840%. He broke the school record for most Virginia High School League points in a season as a junior and also holds the school record for most 20-20 points. He is a leader both on the buzzer and off, always willing to help and encourage his teammates while balancing high school classes, college classes to earn an associates this year, work, church youth group, and family (and the occasional crafting of team memes, eclectic YouTube music video curating, and depositing of Nicolas Cage photos on one of his coaches’ computers.) His dedication to all of his passions and obligations is absolutely inspiring. . . ??From Southwest Virginia Academic Team Alliance Coordinator Chuck Pearson: . . Dylan Cox is also one of the kindest men I’ve ever met in this game, and is one of our next leaders. He’s one of the most reliable staffers in this region. He’s a tremendous mentor to young players; he became Gate City’s all-time leading scorer last year, at VHSL Regionals, as a junior. He is the very best of this game. It’s an honor to know him. . . #swata #playeroftheweek @gatecitysportsradio @bluedevilslive ??: @srawhizz, @shorterpearson

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Week of October 14, 2017

Week of October 7, 2017

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