New High School Package

NAQT offers a discounted package to high schools with new quiz bowl teams to help them get started. There are similar packages for new middle school teams, new community college teams, and new college teams.

The package includes…

  • A set of Speed Check questions (SC #50; 12 packets). These are short, easy questions intended to be played by inexperienced players at the beginning of the year when they need to “warm up” to the buzzer system.

  • Three complete 2016–2017 Introductory Invitational Series (IS #159A, IS #161A, and IS #163A; 36 packets total). These are the questions used by high school tournaments (often early in the year) that are aimed at younger players with comparatively little tournament experience. They provide for an introduction to the game and its subject matter without being overwhelmingly difficult.

  • A complete 2016–2017 Regular Invitational Series (IS #160; 12 packets). These are the questions used by most tournaments through the year. They are a little harder than, and contain a few more clues than, the introductory questions and are intended for players in the school’s quiz bowl club who plan on traveling to tournaments during the year.

  • One packet from the 2016–2017 High School National Championship Tournament (HSNCT) set. These are the questions that 2017’s elite teams faced in Atlanta. They represent the level of accomplishment and knowledge to which serious teams and players should aspire.

  • An abbreviated set of Frequency List study guides that list the works of literature, art, and music that have been mentioned most frequently in NAQT’s questions since our founding in 1996. These will help team members focus their preparation for invitational tournaments, state championships, and (if they are successful!) Nationals.

New teams may also be interested in downloading NAQT’s official Rules, our Eligibility Rules, an article on starting a new team, and the official NAQT scoresheet.

The New High School Package thus contains questions for every facet of a school’s first year “on the circuit,” from new players that have never competed before to the school’s top four players who are preparing for the 2018 state and national championships. It contains a total of 61 game packets with over 2,800 questions of varying degrees of difficulty.

The total cost of the package, including shipping, is $119.

The New High School Package may be ordered either through NAQT’s online ordering system or by calling us at 888‑411‑6278 (“NAQT”).

If you have any questions about this offer or the process of starting a team, please don’t hesitate to contact NAQT at