2007 ICT Division II Invitations

This page was last updated April 5 at 23:00 EST.

Schools have one week from their reception of an invitation to accept or decline, though they may request an extension from NAQT if additional time is required. The initial bids must therefore be accepted or declined by 23:59:59 EST on Thursday, March 1, 2007. The acceptance period may be shortened if invitations are awarded nearer to the actual tournament.

Register for the ICT online. Please note that team rosters may be changed at any time before the start of the ICT so it is neither necessary (or desirable) to wait to register until a team's composition has been definitively decided. Register as soon as possible and, if necessary, re-register when the composition of a team changes. To decline an invitation, send e-mail to ict@naqt.com.

NAQT is pleased to announce that the following teams have been awarded spots in the 32-team field of the 2006-2007 Intercollegiate Championship Tournament:

  • Alabama (Accepted)
  • Brock (Accepted)
  • Brown (Declined)
  • Chicago (Accepted)
  • Chipola College (Accepted)
  • Cloud County CC (Accepted)
  • Copiah-Lincoln CC, Wesson (Accepted)
  • Dartmouth A (Accepted)
  • Dartmouth B (Accepted)
  • Drake (Accepted)
  • Florida (Accepted)
  • Georgia (Accepted)
  • Gulf Coast CC (Accepted)
  • Harvard (Accepted)
  • Illinois (Accepted)
  • Johns Hopkins (Accepted)
  • Macalester (Accepted)
  • Maryland (Accepted)
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Accepted)
  • McGill (Declined)
  • Minnesota (Accepted)
  • Oklahoma (Accepted)
  • St. Olaf (Accepted)
  • Snead State CC (Accepted)
  • South Georgia College (Accepted)
  • Stanford (Accepted)
  • Tennessee-Chattanooga (Accepted)
  • Toronto (Accepted)
  • Valencia CC A (Accepted)
  • Valencia CC B (Accepted)
  • Vanderbilt (Accepted)
  • Virginia Tech (Accepted)
  • Washington University in St. Louis (Accepted)
  • Yale (Accepted)

The top teams on the four-year Division II waitlist are:

  1. Truman State
  2. Case Western
  3. Missouri-Rolla
  4. Oklahoma
  5. Chicago

The top teams on the two-year Division II waitlist are:

  1. Valencia CC
  2. Faulkner State CC
  3. Indian River CC
  4. Broward CC
  5. Chipola College

Waitlisted teams will be contacted individually if teams are unable to accept their invitations.

If your team did not receive an invitation and would like to attend the ICT on a standby basis, please contact NAQT at ict@naqt.com. The current standby order is:

  1. St. Olaf

If you have any questions about the SCTs, ICT, invitations, or the qualification process, please contact NAQT at ict@naqt.com.