2018 IPNCT Field

These 99 players have registered for the 2018 Individual Player National Championship Tournament. The field is currently limited to 100 players.

Standby List

The standby list comprises players who will be at the tournament site even if they do not have a spot guaranteed. Such players will only play if a spot opens up, and if they play, they will play for free.

There are no players on the standby list yet.

Additional Notes

The IPNCT is an individual competition. Players do not represent their schools, although a valid high school affiliation (which could be a middle school or homeschooling affiliation) is required to play. The affiliations listed are for informational purposes only and have no effect on the tournament other than entitling the player to compete.

This page is not updated automatically when new registrations are received; it is updated manually. Please be patient when waiting for your registration to show up.


Interested players may register for the IPNCT. To register for the standby list, e-mail ipnct@naqt.com.