About Your Study Library

Your school’s archive of NAQT questions is now available electronically through a feature of NAQT’s website called the Study Library. Your Study Library includes both packets purchased as practice material and packets that your school’s teams heard at tournaments (prior to the current competition year).

Use of the Study Library to access previously purchased materials is free.

NAQT delivers its content electronically using the Locklizard system. Locklizard provides a Web Viewer that allows packets to be read online and an installable Secure Viewer app that allows packets downloaded as PDC (encrypted PDF) files to be read outside of a browser (and printed).

To access your Study Library, you will need…

After creating the accounts, you can go to your Study Library to start viewing materials online using the Web Viewer. (You’ll need to enter your Locklizard password after choosing a specific packet.)

If you want to download PDC files for reading/printing with the Secure Viewer, you will need to install the Secure Viewer app and register the license file emailed to you when you created the Locklizard account. (To register, download the license file from the email and double-click on it.)

All future orders will be added directly to your Study Library, as will packets that your team hears at tournaments (though the latter will not be immediate).

Official coaches may give access to their schools’ organizationally licensed material to their assistant coaches, players, or other affiliated people by contacting NAQT at edist@naqt.com.

We also have a more detailed explanation of the materials you can expect to find in your Study Library.

If you have any questions about your Study Library, Locklizard, or NAQT’s licensing policies, don’t hesitate to contact us at edist@naqt.com.

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