The 2008 Eden Prairie Pop Culture Invitational Championship is on Feb 23!

Eden Prairie Quiz Bowl is excited to announce that we are hosting the second annual All-Pop Culture (in other words, questions about popular music, sports, movies, television, computers / gadgetry / games, comic books, etc.) Tournament on Saturday, February 23, 2008! We hope that this will be a fun and unique tournament to mix in with the rest of the QB and KB season. Also, it's a great way for some teams to wrap up their season after MN Quiz Bowl Tournament, and a fun way for other teams to experience Quiz Bowl for the first time! This tournament was a great deal of fun last year, and we've made some significant improvements for an even better EPIC this year!


The tournament will be held at Eden Prairie High School. The main meeting spot will be the main commons area, which is nearest to the South Entrance. The school will be busy on this weekend, but parking should be available in the South lot or any of the lots on campus. General information and directions to EPHS may be found on its website.

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Schedule and Tournament Brackets:

Teams may check in between 8:15 and 9:00 in the Main Commons area. At this time they will receive a copy of the rules and other pertinent information about the tournament. From 9:00 to 9:15 there will be an introductory meeting (also in the Main Commons) to go over the rules, format, and schedule. Coaches, players, and parents will have an opportunity to ask questions at this time. Teams are also encouraged to ask questions in advance, over e-mail to Kirk Walton -- to make the meeting go as smoothly as possible.

At 9:15, the rounds will begin. Our plan is to have 3 "preliminary rounds" in which teams will have the opportunity to earn a seed based on winning the rounds and scoring the most points (similar to last year). There will be a random draw to determine what teams you'd face in the first 3 rounds. The top 32 teams, based on preliminary standings, then go to a 5-round "Swiss-paired" bracket to determine the winner. Any additional teams go to a consolation bracket. EVERY team plays exactly 8 rounds during the course of the day!

(Note: how "Swiss Pairing" works&emdash;All teams that win the first round will advance to the "winner's side" of the bracket, while those who lose go to the "consolation side." At this point you have two brackets of 16 teams each. Those who then win in round two on the "winner's side" create a new "winner's bracket" of 8 teams each, those who lose on that side in round 2 form another bracket of 8 teams each, and the identical situation happens on the "consolation side" as well. Ultimately, by the time you get to Round 5, you will have two 4-0 teams playing for the championship, the two 3-1 teams that lost in round 4 playing for third place, and so on and so forth (in other words, each team will always play another team that has the exact same record as them). If this is confusing in any way, please feel free to e-mail Kirk ( with any questions.

Round Formats and Scoring:

What differs from last year is that the format will be extremely similar to other NAQT tournaments&emdash;with tossups and bonuses each round, and not tossups only like last year. Tossups are answered individually, while bonuses are answered after conferring with the entire team. Scoring will also be similar to NAQT&emdash;with powers, but no negative points for buzzing in early and missing (last year each question was only worth "1" point). Each round has 22 tossups and then as many as 22 bonuses. There will be overtime questions in the event that two teams are tied at the end of 22 questions.

All-Star Round / Team Awards:

We'll be keeping track of individual scores, and at the end of the tournament, we'll be announcing the Top Ten individuals, who will compete on center stage in the Main Commons in an "All-Star Round." We'll put together two teams of 5 All-Stars who will compete against each other in front of all their peers! Team awards will also be handed out at the end of the day as well.

The tournament should be completed by 3:30 or so&emdash;last year ran a bit longer but we're confident that we'll be able to speed things up this year.


Please have your team members bring money for pizza if they wish. We'll hand out order forms in the morning and then order the appropriate number of pizzas. We'll have other snacks available as well.

Question Style:

Tossups and bonuses will be very similar to NAQT questions&emdash;tossups are 3-4 sentences each and get a bit easier as the question goes on. Every tossup is worth 10 points with the opportunity to ring in early and earn 15 points ("power"). The bonuses typically consist of three 10-point questions each, and will always be worth a total of 30 points. Bonuses are awarded to those who correctly answer tossup questions.


Teams are encouraged to bring 1-2 readers (one of which would be the team's coach, of course) for every two teams that they bring. We'll have 16-20 competition rooms, and Eden Prairie Quiz Bowl will try and provide as many readers as possible. Coaches will be asked to read if we do not have enough moderators.

Registration and Cost:

The Eden Prairie Pop Culture Invitational Championship is just $55 per team!! Also, you will earn a $5 discount for each complete Quiz Bowl buzzer system that you bring. Please see the attached form for registration information. You may also e-mail Kirk Walton ( if you are interested in attending or for additional information.

Schools are encouraged to send multiple teams&emdash;we'll allow for as many as 5 teams per school to try and get as many different schools to attend as possible!


The top five teams overall will receive team trophies and the members of the winning team will receive individual awards. The top ten individual scorers will receive individual awards and will compete at the end of the day in the All-Star competition.

Further Questions:

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to call Kirk Walton at 612.730.1661 OR connect via e-mail at

SPECIAL THANKS to R. Robert Hentzel of NAQT and MQBA for his guidance, and also to many coaches and members of the local high school and college Quiz Bowl community for writing questions and making this the very best tournament it can be!!