2010-11 MNHSQB South Division

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The South Division of the 2010-11 Minnesota High School Quiz Bowl league will play its games at Burnsville Senior High School. The school's address is:

Burnsville Senior High School
600 E. Highway 13
Burnsville, MN 55337

This link will take you to Google's map of the location which may be scrolled and panned.

The host school contact is Burnsville's jack-of-all-trades, Terry Walters.


This pool will compete on these Thursdays: November 11, December 16, and January 27.


All teams and moderators should park in the main parking lot south of the school.

Cars and vans may park in any space not specifically reserved. I do not have specific instructions on where buses may park.

Game Times:

The first game begins at 6:00. The last game is scheduled to end at 9:00. Teams should plan to arrive by 5:45 so they can take in any last-minute announcements. Teams that have not arrived by 6:15 will begin forfeiting their matches.

Meeting Area:

Teams will gather in the Language Arts Foyer (the same meeting area on the second floor as was used last year).

Televised Games:

Burnsville High School has a television production facility; thanks to the generosity of Burnsville Community Television, we will be able to tape one game during each preliminary round.

Every school's A team will be taped at least once. Once that criterion has been satisfied, the most significant matches will be taped, subject to the constraint that no A team will be taped a third time until every A team has been taped twice.

No time-outs will be allowed during taped games, but substitution is still permitted.

Teams participating in taped games will be required to submit that week's rosters in advance, usually on Monday. Normally teams do not have to finalize their rosters until the day of the competition.

Schools will receive DVDs of the games in which their teams competed.

If your school or city has a cable channel and would like to air some or all of the games, please contact Tina Wilson to find out about the details of doing so.


Teams may bring their own food or order from an outside source. There are also vending machines in the cafeteria.


Teams have not yet chosen the divisions in which they plan to play.


The regular season is now over; no further pairings will be posted except for the playoffs at Burnsville.


Standings through the games of January 27, 2011. Note that this link includes the entire league, not just the South Division.

Created 2010 October 6 by R. Robert Hentzel