2010-11 MNHSQB West Division

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The West Division of the 2010-11 Minnesota High School Quiz Bowl league will play its games at Eden Prairie High School. The school's address is:

17185 Valley View Rd
Eden Prairie, MN 55346
(952) 975-8000

An online, scrollable map may be found on the school's website.

The host school contact is Eden Prairie's quiz bowl coach, Dan Murray.

To get to Eden Prairie High School, take Highway 5 west to County Road 4 (a stop light, Burger King is on your left). Turn right (north). Go to the third stop light, this is Eagle Way. Turn left. Follow that road through the "horseshoe," and parking will be on your left. The entrance is "East Entrance." You will enter here, it is the student commons where we will be meeting.


This pool will compete on these Thursdays: November 4, December 9, and January 20.


Teams should park in the lot to the left of the "horseshoe." There is bus parking available.

Game Times:

The first game begins at 6:00. The last game is scheduled to end at 9:00. Because this site does not have taped games, it is possible that competition will finish significantly ahead of schedule. Teams should plan to arrive by 5:45 so they can take in any last-minute announcements. Teams that have not arrived by 6:15 will begin forfeiting their matches.

Meeting Area:





The regular season is now over; no further pairings will be posted except for the playoffs at Burnsville on February 17.


Standings through the games of January 20, 2011. Note that this link includes the entire league, not just the West Division.

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