2007 Tartan Tussle Results

The second annual Tartan Tussle collegiate quiz bowl tournament was held on November 3, 2007, at Macalester College under the direction of Macalester's quiz bowl team and R. Robert Hentzel of National Academic Quiz Tournaments, LLC.

This tournament was targeted at young players, new schools, and non-circuit teams. There was no hard-and-fast eligibility rule, but schools that qualified for the ICT year-in-and-year-out were generally asked to send teams of freshmen while CBI-only schools were allowed to send their varsity team. Teams between those extremes were allowed latitude to determine which of their players would enjoy and profit from playing on an NAQT A-level Invitational Series. More experienced players were given the suggestion of attending Titanomachy and/or ACF Fall held in the Twin Cities on the same weekend.

Fifteen teams representing twelve schools from four states (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Ohio) attended. The teams played a preliminary, split-pool round robin, after which the top 8 (and bottom 7) were rebracketed to play cross-matches. Following that, the top two teams played a single-game final.

After the preliminary games the standings were as follows:

Division A
2St. Olaf6-116.14
3Iowa State4-315.86
4UM Morris4-313.32
5Carleton A3-415.24
6Mount Mercy2-512.83
7Miami A2-511.89
8Northern Iowa B0-74.89
Division B
3Miami B4-215.12
4Carleton B3-313.08
7Northern Iowa A0-65.38

Teams with identical records were ordered by points-scored-per-tossup-heard (PPTH).

The top four teams from each division (which broke nicely without the need for playoff games) were moved to the playoff bracket where they played cross-games; the bottom seven did the same in the consolation bracket.

The final standings, in the form of a SQBS report, are available. Note that these do not include the results of the final game.

The top two teams by won-lost record (Grinnell and Lawrence, each of whom had one loss) advanced to a single-game final that was won by Lawrence.

The complete statistics for the tournament are also available:

If you have any questions about this event or its results, please do not hesitate to contact R. Robert Hentzel.

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