2008 Tossup-Only Macalester College Academic Tournament Results

The second annual TOMCAT high school quiz bowl tournament was held on January 5, 2008, at Macalester College under the direction of Minnesota High School Quiz Bowl. The tournament was a qualifier for the 2008 NAQT High School National Championship.

Eighty teams representing 39 schools from three states (Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa) attended. The 80 teams played a full Swiss Pairs tournament using a card-system based on the one used at NAQT's High School National Championship; this gave each team either 6 or 7 games. Essentially, every round, each team played another team that not only had the same record, but had also won and lost its games in exactly the same order as itself. The goal was to maximize the number of games between teams of the same ability; this should increase the excitement of each game as well as the ranking information gained from having played it.

Though questions were provided by NAQT, this tournament was not played with standard NAQT tossup-bonus questions but rather on games of 40 short tossups.

At the end of the preliminary, Swiss-Paired portion, the top 32 teams advanced to the playoffs. The top 16 teams were in contention for the overall championship, while the bottom 16 (together with the first-round losers from the top 16 bracket) were in contention for spots 9 through 12 which earned berths at the national championship. Teams were seeded for these playoffs based on their preliminary performance, but early wins were more important than later wins (since early wins ensured that all of a team's remaining games were against harder teams). That is, a team that went LWWWWW in its first six games would be lower than a team that went WWWWWL.

Initial seedings into the preliminary field were done randomly, except that teams from the same school chose cards in such a way that they wouldn't meet before their fifth game.

The overall and preliminary results are available in NAQT's statistics database.

The single-elimination upper playoff bracket can be downloaded in PDF format.

The final eight places were as follows:

1Eden Prairie A
2Chaska A
3Wayzata A
4Edina A
5St. Thomas A
6Wayzata B
7Orono A
8Minnetonka A

In addition, Eden Prairie B, Minnetonka B, DeLaSalle A, and Rosemount came out on top in the second playoff bracket, thereby tying for ninth place and earning their schools national championship berths.

The tournament also recognized individual performances; the top twelve scorers by tossups-per-tossup-heard (not points-per-tossup-heard) were:

RankNameTeamPoints per game
1Michael WrightEden Prairie A18.33
2Sam PetersonChaska A16.14
3Josh MeltzerMounds Park14.00
4Corey HaalaSimley A13.17
5"Picard"Eden Prairie B12.43
6Alex FriedmanMinnetonak A12.43
7Zach KayserNorwood Young America12.00
8Keshav SapatnekarOrono A12.00
9Noah RosenthalWayzata B11.40
10Carsten GehringWayzata A11.14
11Brian Hatt-StuartRosemount11.00
12Mark MullarkyHill Murray10.83

"Picard" and Alex Friedman were exactly tied in all statistics so they are both officially the fifth-place scorer. The awarding of the fifth-place trophy to "Picard" was determined by a coin flip. Similarly, Keshav Sapatnekar was given the seventh-place trophy over Zach Kayser.

In addition, Mike Malloy (the #25 scorer overall) of Minnetonka B received a trophy for being the top sophomore scorer at the tournament, and Rafael Abramovitz of Blake B received a trophy for being the top freshman scorer at the tournament (7.83, 28th overall).

The complete individual statistics for the tournament are also available.

If you have any questions about this event or its results, please do not hesitate to contact R. Robert Hentzel.

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