NAQT-Style Events

NAQT-style events are those that do not use NAQT questions but do adhere to certain of its standards concerning gameplay and question style. Collegiate (including both four-year college and two-year college), high school, and middle school events may be designated NAQT-style events.

In order for a tournament to be billed as NAQT-style, it must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Rules. The tournament must use NAQT Rules. The only rule that need not be followed is that the tournament need not be timed if sufficient clocks are not available. If the tournament is not timed, two halves of 10 questions each will be used.
  • Style. The questions used must be in tossup/bonus format and may or may not have power marks. Point values, subject matter, and question structure must be similar, but not necessarily identical, to those used by NAQT.

NAQT-style events are not qualifiers for NAQT's national championship events.

Questions regarding the status of an event or this policy in general should be directed to