National Championships

NAQT currently runs five team-based national championships each year. Answers to frequently asked questions about them are available.

Middle School National Championship Tournament

Typically on Mother's Day weekend, featuring nearly 200 middle schools from across the country.

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High School National Championship Tournament

Our biggest tournament, on Memorial Day weekend with over 350 high schools of all sizes.

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Small School National Championship Tournament

For Small High Schools as defined by NAQT, typically in late April.

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Community College Championship Tournament

Usually in late February, featuring 24 community and junior colleges.

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Intercollegiate Championship Tournament

In late March or early April, 36 Division I and 32 Division II college teams gather for the hardest quiz bowl NAQT offers.

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Future National Championship Dates

To help teams plan, NAQT announces its national championship dates and sites several years in advance.

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Additionally, the new Individual Player National Championship Tournament, for high school (and middle school) players to compete on their own, made its debut in 2018.