2018 Cross-Tournament Discounts

In light of the large number of staff members needed for its five national championships, NAQT is offering “cross-tournament discounts” for some of those events in 2018. Historically NAQT has always offered schools the chance to supply staff to tournaments they attend; this (different) policy is a chance for schools to earn discounts by working other national championships.

Coaches, players, parents, and other people affiliated with a team may earn discounts on their school’s registration fees for national championships by volunteering at any prior national championship. For instance, a high school player could earn a discount on the HSNCT registration fee by acting as a scorekeeper at the CCCT, or the coach of a middle school team could earn a discount by acting as a reader at the SSNCT.

These five tournaments are covered by the cross-tournament discount program:

Note that this program only covers the above five national championships! It does not cover state championships, sectional championships, or regular-season events. (But any of those events may have its own discount program for reducing its own registration fee.)

In addition, this only covers cases in which the staff members can work tournaments that occur before the discounted one; NAQT will not give “anticipatory” cross-tournament discounts for events in the future. For instance, high schoolers cannot earn SSNCT registration-fee discounts by promising to work the HSNCT a month later. (Since the HSNCT is the last event of the five, one can only earn cross-tournament discounts to attend the HSNCT, not for working at it.)

The discount for working at the CCCT, SSNCT, or MSNCT is $50 per day, and each event has two days on which discounts can be earned (Friday and Saturday for the CCCT, Saturday and Sunday for the SSNCT and MSNCT). The discount is $75 for working at the ICT (which is a Saturday-only event).

Teams may not reduce their registration fee below $0 using cross-tournament discounts.

All such staff members are accepted solely at NAQT’s discretion; as is usual with ordinary staff discounts, qualifications may be solicited or training required. The earlier people volunteer to staff, the more likely it is that they will be accepted.

The packet sets from the CCCT, ICT, MSNCT, and SSNCT may be used at high school tournaments after their respective championships; high school players and coaches working at those events will need to commit to not competing or coaching at such tournaments. Such tournaments will be listed on NAQT’s schedule as they are scheduled, but staff members’ commitment to avoid such tournaments extends even to events announced after they choose to staff.

NAQT does not expect to cover any transportation or lodging expenses for these staff; should those need to be covered, that amount will be deducted from the earned discount. NAQT will pay for such staff members’ lunches (without deducting that amount from the earned discount).

The school earning the discount must be registered for the discounted tournament at the time that staff members sign up to work; if the school subsequently chooses not to attend the championship, the discount is canceled (with no reimbursement).

To take advantage of this offer—or to ask questions about it—prospective staff members should write to logistics@naqt.com.

Questions About the Policy?

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to write to us at naqt@naqt.com or call us at 888‑411‑6278 (“NAQT”).

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