Vaccination Policy for 2022 National Championships


The following policy applies to all 2022 national championships that NAQT is holding in person (all of them other than the Community College Championship Tournament):

All participants must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

Implementation of Vaccination Requirement

Before the tournament, all participants must sign a participation agreement covering several topics, including an attestation that the participant meets the above requirements. For participants who are minors, the minor’s parent/guardian must also sign, and for high school students who have attained the age of majority, the student’s parent/guardian is still strongly encouraged to sign. This agreement includes specific penalties for falsification of vaccination status. Participation agreements must be submitted electronically two weeks before the tournament (or earlier).

At the tournament, check-in staff will examine each participant’s proof of vaccination (official vaccination card) and photo identification, verifying vaccination status and that the photo identification matches both the person presenting it and the person identified on the proof of vaccination. Photographs of proof of vaccination are acceptable, but other electronic “passes” are not, nor are documents other than official vaccination cards.

Once a participant’s documents have been checked, check-in staff will place a wristband on the participant as evidence of completion of the verification process. The wristband must be worn throughout the tournament; no one without such a wristband (other than hotel staff) will be permitted in tournament areas. If a wristband must be removed, there will be a procedure for replacing it (including re-checking of documents), but it is expected that participants should keep the same wristband throughout the weekend; wristbands will be safe to shower with.

If a participant is unable or unwilling to provide the requisite documents (participation agreement in advance; proof of vaccination and photo identification on-site), they will not be permitted to attend. If they are already on-site, they will not be permitted in areas of the hotel used by the tournament.

Responses to Questions and Comments

NAQT surveyed over 500 coaches about whether their programs would be able to meet these requirements and challenges they might face. A significant majority of coaches who responded expected that their program would be able to meet these requirements. Here are some questions and comments we commonly received and responses thereto:

If you have a question or concern not addressed above, please write to

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