LetterOne Sponsorship

LetterOne was the presenting sponsor of NAQT’s Intercollegiate Championship Tournament and High School National Championship in 2018, 2019, and 2021 and of the Individual Player National Championship Tournament in 2019.

Who is LetterOne?

LetterOne is an international investment company based in Luxembourg with offices in New York and London. It is a partnership of successful entrepreneurs, former CEOs, and international businesspeople who have created one of the world’s preeminent investment firms. LetterOne typically supports companies over the long term in sectors important to the needs of the world, such as energy, food retail, technology, and healthcare. By participating in industries significant to the global economy, LetterOne hopes to play a role in creating the next generation’s leading international companies.

Why is LetterOne sponsoring National Academic Quiz Tournaments?

LetterOne is interested in promoting organizations that make learning fun and teach twenty-first-century skills for the next generation of business leaders. It believes quiz bowl embodies these characteristics, and it is excited to be the presenting sponsor of the 2021 ICT and 2021 HSNCT. As investors, LetterOne’s partners know today’s economy and workplace demand new skill sets: The world is facing a new industrial revolution in which social media, robotics, 3D manufacturing, artificial intelligence, and new trade corridors will fundamentally alter the landscape on which business is done. LetterOne believes the ingenuity and education instilled by quiz bowl will generate the skill sets needed by future leaders to succeed in the evolving digital economy. Quiz bowl tournaments comprise a competitive platform that motivates students to do their best, cultivates analytical thinking, tests understanding, and encourages collaboration and teamwork.

What changes will occur due to the sponsorship?

With LetterOne’s support, NAQT has been able to expand the ICT and HSNCT to allow more players and teams to participate, while making a variety of other changes to improve the overall experience. NAQT and LetterOne will collaborate on a campaign to raise quiz bowl’s overall profile as a fun and educational activity in hopes of increasing overall participation across the country. NAQT will remain entirely independent and maintain the same editorial standards to which players and coaches are accustomed.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to write to us at naqt@naqt.com or call us at 888‑411‑6278 (“NAQT”).

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