Online Tournament Guide

Coach Information


    This section of NAQT’s online tournament guide contains specific advice for coaches and chaperones at online quiz bowl tournaments.

    As with the rest of this guide, this page assumes the tournament is following NAQT’s recommendations for videoconferencing technologies, game format, rule changes, and tournament policies.

    Chaperone-Specific Information

    NAQT strongly recommends that tournament directors require every high school and middle school team to have a chaperone. (Tournament directors may permit one person to be the chaperone for multiple teams.)

    This document lays out NAQT’s recommended requirements for chaperones, but individual tournament directors may deviate from them. If you are a team’s chaperone, be sure to ask its coach whether your responsibilities differ from what’s listed here.

    The chaperone should be an adult who will be available during the time of the tournament in case there is an issue that requires urgent action. NAQT recommends that players (even those who have turned 18) do not act as chaperones unless the tournament director and the parents/guardians of their teammates have explicitly agreed.

    Coaches (Before the Tournament)

    Videoconferencing Information

    These requirements are for coaches acting as coaches (choosing substitutions, lodging protests, etc.) during a match. Coaches may also merely spectate, for which the requirements are looser.

    In-Game Procedures

    More Things to Know

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