Power Up: Focus on Chinese History: Pretest

This is the diagnostic pretest for the Power Up: Focus on Chinese History, the fourth of NAQT’s line of Power Up study guides.

A printable version with answer blanks suitable for distribution to a group of players is available for download, as is the answer key.

  1. What Chinese city hosted the Olympics in 2008?
  2. What member of the Qin Dynasty was the first emperor of a unified China?
  3. What man, who developed the Three Principles of the People, was a co-founder of the Kuomintang?
  4. What other Asian country presented the “21 Demands” to China during the early 20th century?
  5. What possibly mythical dynasty preceded the Shang and is said to be the first Chinese dynasty?
  6. What campaign with a botanical name was implemented by Mao Zedong and ostensibly allowed intellectuals to criticize Communism?
  7. What was the final dynasty to rule China?
  8. The book Il Milione describes what European traveler’s visit to the court of Kublai Khan?
  9. Xuanzong ordered the death of Yang Guifei, one of China’s ”four beauties,” after her family played a role in what rebellion, named after a Turkic warlord, that rivaled the Tang Dynasty in the middle of the 8th century?
  10. Members of the Communist Party in China were ordered to carry what text, which contains quotations of Mao Zedong?
  11. Confucius lived during what seasonally named period of Chinese history, which occurred during the Zhou Dynasty?
  12. What man led pro-market reforms as the “paramount leader” of China for most of the 1980s, including during the Tiananmen Square Protests?
  13. What Chinese dynasty did the explorer Zheng He serve?
  14. What 19th-century revolt started by Hong Xiuquan was put down by the “Ever-Victorious Army?”
  15. What historian died in 86 BC and wrote the Shiji, or the Records of the Grand Historian?
  16. What area was made a colony of Great Britain at the end of the First Opium War, and was transferred back to China in 1997?
  17. The 14th holder of what position, the head of Tibetan Buddhism, is currently living in exile?
  18. Which Chinese dynasty shares its name with the largest ethnic group of China?
  19. The Yangdi Emperor of the Sui Dynasty is credited with creating the “Grand” example of what kind of waterway for China?
  20. Francis Xavier and Matteo Ricci were members of what Catholic order, which sent missionaries to China in the 16th century?

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