Power Up: Focus on Italian Renaissance Painting: Pretest

This is the diagnostic pretest for the Power Up: Focus on Italian Renaissance Painting, the second of NAQT’s line of Power Up study guides.

A printable version with answer blanks suitable for distribution to a group of players is available for download, as is the answer key.

  1. What artist was commissioned by Julius II to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?
  2. What portrait is also known as La Gioconda?
  3. What artist decorated the Stanza della Segnatura with the frescoes The Parnassus and The School of Athens?
  4. A refectory wall in the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie contains what painter’s Last Supper?
  5. What artist painted Primavera and The Birth of Venus?
  6. What artist painted The Venus of Urbino?
  7. What artist created a self-portrait in flayed skin held by St. Bartholomew in his The Last Judgment?
  8. Raphael painted what religious figure “of the meadow“ and “of the goldfinch“?
  9. Tintoretto and Titian were members of the artistic “school“ of what Italian city?
  10. The Renaissance gave way to what artistic style that was practiced by Parmigianino, and which emphasized elongated forms?
  11. What technique, which was invented during the Renaissance and reached its peak later in the paintings of Caravaggio, has a name meaning “light-dark“ in Italian?
  12. What art museum in Florence has a name meaning “offices“?
  13. In Renaissance painting, Mary was often depicted wearing what color, produced by a costly pigment made from crushing a gemstone called lapis lazuli?
  14. During which phase of the Renaissance were Giotto, Verrocchio, and Piero della Francesca most active—the early, middle, or late?
  15. What teacher of Titian painted The Three Philosophers and The Tempest?
  16. What artist worked with Masolino to paint the walls of the Brancacci Chapel with the paintings The Expulsion and The Tribute Money?
  17. What characteristic is shared by the most famous Italian painters whose surnames are Anguissola and Gentileschi?
  18. What painting of a celebration by Paolo Veronese originally was housed in the monastery of San Giorgio Maggiore?
  19. The Annunciation is depicted in the Cortona Triptych by what painter, who was also a Dominican friar?
  20. What saint is shown bound to a column and being martyred in a painting by Perugino?

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