2018 Asian Championship Tournament

Date: Saturday, March 10, 2018
Location: Singapore American School (Singapore, Singapore)

There is a maximum of four teams entered by each school.

These are the registration fees, discounts, penalties, and extras offered for the 2018 Asian Championship Tournament:

Item Amount Unit Notes
Base Registration Fee $400.00 per team  
Buzzer System Discount –$50.00 per system Maximum of 1 per team
Staff Discount –$50.00 per staff member Maximum of 1 per team
Team from Host –$400.00 per organization/school  

This tournament has a minimum fee of $0.00 per team. Minimum fees are checked after penalties and discounts, but before “extras” like meals and T-shirts.

For more information you may wish to contact the tournament director, Joyce Sun (joyce.sun@naqt.com).

2018 Asian Championship Tournament

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