NAQT Upper Mid-Atlantic Sectional

Date: Saturday, February 8, 2020
Host: University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA)

Division I: SCT-20

Twelve teams have registered for this division:

  • Columbia A
  • Columbia B
  • Delaware A (UG)
  • Georgetown A (UG)
  • Georgetown B (UG)
  • Johns Hopkins A
  • Maryland
  • Penn State A
  • Penn State B
  • Princeton A
  • Rutgers A
  • Swarthmore A (UG)

The teams marked by “UG” are eligible for the Undergraduate title.

The field is limited to twelve teams.

Division II: SCT-20DII

28 teams have registered for this division:

  • Carnegie Mellon A
  • Carnegie Mellon B
  • Carnegie Mellon C
  • Carnegie Mellon D
  • Columbia C
  • Columbia D
  • Delaware B
  • East Tennessee State
  • George Washington A
  • George Washington B
  • Georgetown C
  • Gettysburg College
  • Haverford A
  • Haverford B
  • Johns Hopkins B
  • Johns Hopkins C
  • NYU A
  • NYU B
  • NYU C
  • Penn
  • Penn State C
  • Princeton B
  • Princeton C
  • Rutgers B
  • Rutgers C
  • Rutgers D
  • Swarthmore B
  • West Chester

The field is limited to 28 teams.

For more information, you may wish to write to the tournament director, Penn Quizbowl (

NAQT Upper Mid-Atlantic Sectional

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