National Academic Quiz Tournaments Announcements Announcements and news from National Academic Quiz Tournaments relating to its question sets, study guides, and state, regional, and national championship tournaments. Aptakisic Wins 2017 MSNCT Congratulations to Aptakisic Junior High School of Buffalo Grove, Illinois, for winning the 2017 Middle School National Championship Tournament! Mounds Park Academy of St. Paul, Minnesota was second; Middlesex Middle School of Darien, Connecticut was third; and The Miami Valley School of Dayton, Ohio was fourth. 160 teams attended. 1606 2017 MSNCT Playoff Bracket The playoff bracket for the 2017 Middle School National Championship Tournament is available online. This will be updated continuously throughout the playoffs. The bracket includes all teams that finished 5-3 or better in Saturday's matches (seeded first by wins and then by points-per-tossup-heard). In addition, the team from Design39Campus was given the final seed in the playoffs despite officially finishing 4-4. This was a decision made by NAQT's members after it was determined that a significant and verified moderator error had directly affected the outcome of a game and that NAQT's protest procedure was not followed. 1605 2016–2017 Questions Available as Practice Material

NAQT’s 2016–2017 tournament questions are now available to be ordered as practice material.

By request from many coaches, we’ve introduced Deluxe Editions of the Invitational Series and Middle School Series, with all the year’s sets in binders with easy-access tabs.

Orders will begin shipping the week of May 15. Some orders may be further delayed due to tournaments using the questions; if you place an order that must be delayed, we’ll let you know and you’ll have the opportunity to change the order to something that can ship sooner.

You Gotta Know These Ballets Our latest You Gotta Know article covers ten ballets that frequently come up in quiz bowl. A second article with ten more important ballets will appear later this year. 1602 Glasgow, St. Mark's, and Camp Hill Win SSNCT Titles Glasgow High School (Kentucky) defeated Danville High School (Kentucky) 525-215 to win the Traditional Public division of the 2017 NAQT Small School National Championship Tournament. Camp Hill High School (Pennsylvania) took third place with a 350-275 win over Macomb Senior High School (Illinois). Camp Hill also claimed the title for the highest-finishing Very Small School. St. Mark's School of Texas defeated the Miami Valley School (Ohio) 580-220 to win the Charter and Private division. Complete team and individual statistics are now available. 1601 2016 MSNCT Podcasts Recordings are now available of selected matches from NAQT's 2016 Middle School National Championship Tournament. 1597 Michigan, Oklahoma, and Berkeley Win ICT Titles The University of Michigan defeated Northwestern University to win the Division I Overall title at the 2017 NAQT Intercollegiate Championship Tournament. UC Berkeley's Division II team defeated the University of Illinois to win the Division II championship. The University of Oklahoma defeated the University of Virginia for the Division I Undergraduate title. Congratulations to all of these teams and the 58 others who represented the finest in collegiate quiz bowl! 1593 You Gotta Know These Revolutionary War Battles From Lexington and Concord to Yorktown, You Gotta Know these eleven battles of the Revolutionary War. 1589 2016 SSNCT Podcasts Podcasts are now available of selected matches from NAQT's 2016 Small School National Championship Tournament. 1587 Valencia A (Florida) wins 2017 CCCT Valencia College A (Orlando, Florida) defeated Chipola College A (Marianna, Florida) 255-235 in a championship match that came down to the last question, winning the 2017 NAQT Community College Championship Tournament. The State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota took third place, and Enterprise State Community College (Enterprise, Alabama) finished fourth; the top four teams of the 24-team field earned invitations to the 2017 Intercollegiate Championship Tournament. 1574 HSNCT Field Closes; Waitlist Opens The field for the 2017 High School National Championship Tournament was officially closed on Tuesday, February 21. Registered teams have a grace period of one week to drop without financial penalty. After 5:00 p.m. Central Time on Tuesday, February 28, teams that drop from the field will incur a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the registration fee. This fee will increase as the tournament approaches. Teams may sign up for the waitlist; waitlisted teams will be added to the field in order of sign-up if teams cancel (or if the field is expanded). 1570 2017 Rules Revisions Effective February 1, 2017, NAQT has made a number of minor changes to its official rules for all levels of play. The changes principally clarify how and when the clock can be stopped, when score checks can take place, and the details of when a player may change his or her answer midstream. 1558 Packet Set Sharing Caution: IS #166 and the Division II SCT

NAQT’s Invitational Series #166 will be based, in part, on the Division II Sectional Championship question set. This set will be used for many 2017 state championships and some other tournaments in spring 2017 and possibly fall 2017.

In order to preserve question security, this means that high school teams and coaches will need to take the following steps:

  • No team and no player may play both a tournament using Invitational Series #166 and a tournament using either Sectional Championship set. (“Either” because the Division II Sectional Championship set is itself based in part on the Division I Sectional Championship set.)
  • High-school players and coaches may not staff NAQT’s Sectional Championship Tournaments (either division) or NAQT’s Community College Championship Tournament.
  • As a specific case of the first point, dual-enrolled students may not play Invitational Series #166 and a Sectional Championship, nor Invitational Series #166 and the CCCT, even if they would otherwise be eligible to do so.

Note that this is a departure from past years’ practice: for instance, Invitational Series #156 was not based on the 2016 Sectional Championship.

2017 HSNCT Popular Culture Side Event There will be a popular culture tournament--a mirror of the ACRONYM set--on Sunday evening following to the 2017 High School National Championship Tournament. This is optional and will be overseen by the set's original editor. 1551 New Policy On Pseudonymous Teams NAQT has posted an official policy on teams from high schools and middle schools competing in tournaments under pseudonyms. 1538 HSNCT Room Reservation Link Available Teams may now book rooms at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis for the 2017 NAQT High School National Championship Tournament. 1537 2017 HSNCT Announcement and Logistics Details NAQT has announced tentative logistics details for its 2017 High School National Championship Tournament (HSNCT), which will be held May 26–28, 2017, at the Marriott Marquis in downtown Atlanta. 1534 Authorized-Use Policy for Question Packets NAQT has posted an overview of its authorized-use policy for practice questions and other licensed materials. This covers questions like, "Can I make copies for other people?" and "Can I scan this packet set?" 1378