Licensing Policy


    NAQT licenses practice materials to organizations (e.g., schools) and individuals. A license allows the licensee to possess the materials in question and use them for practice and study.

    Distributing NAQT materials to people not covered by the license is a violation of the license agreement and may lead to action such as (but not limited to) bans, notification to school administrations, and the pursuit of legal remedies. “Distributing” includes any form of disclosure of the question content (except as excluded below).

    Types of Licenses

    NAQT offers two types of licenses for practice materials: organizational licenses and personal licenses.

    Organizational License

    An organizational license is granted to a school or other organization that purchases materials from NAQT, or in many cases, plays a tournament using a given question set or hosts a tournament using a given question set.

    A coach is automatically granted access to any materials organizationally licensed to their school and can request that additional people (e.g., assistant coaches or players) be granted access for the current competition year.

    A person may access or use organizationally licensed materials if (and only if) they have a current affiliation with the organization, such as attending or being employed by a school. When the affiliation ends (e.g., at the end of the competition year in which a student graduates), so does the right to access or use the materials.

    Personal License

    A personal license is granted when a person purchases materials from NAQT for their personal or household use. (Hosting or playing tournaments does not generally confer a personal license.)

    A person may access or use personally licensed materials if (and only if) they are the licensed person or currently live in the licensed person’s household, or if they are in the (physical or synchronous electronic) presence of such a person.

    Acceptable Use of Licensed Practice Materials

    An organization (such as a school) may use licensed materials to conduct practices for people currently affiliated with that organization. Practices may be conducted online or in person. All participants must have current affiliations with the organization holding the license, except as excluded below.

    Licensed materials may be used to introduce quiz bowl to people who are not covered under the license provided that…

    If you are not sure whether what you have in mind meets these criteria, for any questions about acceptable use of NAQT questions, or to request permission to use licensed material differently, write to

    Other uses are not allowed without explicit permission from NAQT.

    Access and Distribution

    When a school has licenses to practice materials, the people who run its quiz bowl team may make physical copies (of all or some of the materials) to distribute to people affiliated with the school. Administrators and official coaches may also ask NAQT to grant electronic access to the materials to specific affiliates via their Study Libraries. It is the collective responsibility of the program’s administrators, coaches, officers, and recipients of the materials to ensure that all such copies are destroyed or returned, and electronic access terminated, when a recipient’s affiliation with the school ends (e.g., when a player graduates). Non-affiliated people (including formerly affiliated people) may not retain access to an organization’s licensed materials.

    NAQT may state that whole or partial questions from certain question sets may be quoted publicly (i.e., in a manner visible to anyone not covered under the quoter’s license) under restricted circumstances (e.g., “You may quote questions from this year’s Sectional Championship Tournament on this password-protected forum.”). In the absence of such a statement from an officer of NAQT, no such permission is given.

    Work derived from NAQT content that bears a substantially close structural relationship to the original content, e.g., study notes based on Invitational Series #100 or flashcards based on a frequency list or Power Up guide, may only be shared in manners consistent with the licensing of the content from which the work was derived. Derived work based on non-licensed NAQT content, such as You Gotta Know articles, must bear a clear disclaimer that it is a derivative work not endorsed by NAQT.

    Analyses of NAQT content produced in the current or previous competition year may not be distributed beyond the licensed organization or the household of the licensed person, if that analysis could be used to gain a competitive advantage. This is true even if the analysis does not include any actual question text. An example of analysis might be “Here is a chart showing the breakdown of countries that NAQT has asked about in its recent Invitational Series.” Such analyses are permitted for questions from competition years before the previous one.

    These rules apply to all practice material licensed from NAQT, regardless of age, potential use at future tournaments, and whether they consist of questions or other data (i.e., study guides and frequency lists are included).

    Questions and Exceptional Situations

    If you have questions about these rules or have a possible use of NAQT material that doesn’t fall within these rules, write to Our goal is preventing problems with question security and inappropriate distribution of copyrighted material, not forestalling innovative uses of our questions.