Upcoming Events

The following events using NAQT questions are scheduled for this year.

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Please note that the same set of questions is often used at multiple events, so you should make certain that you do not plan to attend more than one tournament using each set. The set being used by a tournament is listed in square brackets after the name of the tournament. Some sets with different names share questions; please contact naqt@naqt.com for details.

  States & Provinces:

Sets used at past tournaments

March 26, 2017
Event:   2017 Bellarmine Invitational [IS-164, IS-165A]
Host:   Bellarmine College Preparatory, San Jose, CA
Contact:   Jonchee Kao

March 27, 2017
Event:   East Husker Conference Tournament [2016-TV-C (11-12), 2016-TV-D]
Host:   Sponsored by East Husker Conference
Hosted at Scribner-Snyder Community School, Scribner, NE
Contact:   Deron Meyer
Event:   WVIA Scholastic Scrimmage [2016-TV-B (14-24), 2016-TV-C, 2016-TV-D, LIGHT-33]
Host:   WVIA Public Broadcasting, Pittston, PA
Contact:   Andrea O'Neill

March 29, 2017
Event:   Sherwood Triangular Meet [MO-CONF16B (4-5)]
Host:   Sherwood Cass R-VIII School, Creighton, MO
Contact:   Richard Frazier

March 31, 2017
Event:   Schuylkill Intermediate Unit #29 Academic Bowl [2016-TV-D, IS-163A]
Host:   Schuylkill Intermediate Unit 29, Mar Lin, PA
Contact:   Theresa Kozura

April 1, 2017
Event:   2017 Greenville County Scholastic Scoreboard [2016-TV-D, IS-163A]
Host:   School District of Greenville County, Greenville, SC
Contact:   Jane Snyder
Event:   2017 NAQT Connecticut State Championship [IS-166]
Host:   Darien High School, Darien, CT
Contact:   Dan Record
Event:   2017 NAQT Michigan State Championship [IS-166]
Host:   University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor, MI
Contact:   Siddhant Dogra
Event:   2017 NAQT Virginia State Championship [IS-166]
Host:   University of Virginia
Contact:   Eric Xu
Event:   2017 North Kansas City Invitational [IS-162]
Host:   North Kansas City High School, North Kansas City, MO
Contact:   Pat O'Keefe
Event:   2017 Outstate Missouri Academic Rendezvous [IS-163A]
Host:   Sponsored by Regional Radio
Hosted at Moberly High School, Moberly, MO
Contact:   Kyle Hill
Event:   Academic Tournament for Highschool Education N' Achievement [IS-164]
Host:   Sponsored by Advanced Math & Science Academy Charter School
Hosted at Lexington High School, Lexington, MA
Contact:   Jessica Bowen
Event:   Covenant Christian Invitational [IS-162]
Host:   Sponsored by Covenant Christian Academy
Hosted at Southside Baptist Church, Huntsville, AL
Contact:   Sunmi Sheldon
Event:   Fresno Invitational [IS-163A]
Host:   Sponsored by Northern California Quiz Bowl Alliance
Hosted at California State University, Fresno, Fresno, CA
Contact:   Nicholas Karas
Event:   Holmen High Quiz Bowl Invitational [IS-162]
Host:   Holmen High School, Holmen, WI
Contact:   Charles Matthews
Event:   Jefferson City Invitational [IS-162]
Host:   Jefferson City High School, Jefferson City, MO
Contact:   Shelly Kiesling
Event:   Pensacola April Fools Academic Challenge [IS-164]
Host:   Pensacola High School, Pensacola, FL
Contact:   Allan Robinson
Event:   Southeast Missouri Invitational [IS-166]
Host:   Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau, MO
Contact:   Miranda Geer
Event:   Ysleta Academic Shoot Out [IS-164]
Host:   Ysleta High School, El Paso, TX
Contact:   Paul Cain

April 3, 2017
Event:   Greene County Rotary Tournament [IS-161A]
Host:   Rotary Club of Greeneville, Greeneville, TN
Contact:   Tony LaMarca
Event:   Lincoln Intermediate Unit 12 Academic Competition [2016-TV-D, JROTC16]
Host:   Sponsored by Chester County Intermediate Unit
Hosted at Lincoln Intermediate Unit 12, New Oxford, PA
Contact:   Jennifer Shealy

April 4, 2017
Event:   Columbus Catholic Invitational [IS-157A]
Host:   Columbus Catholic Middle School and High School, Marshfield, WI
Contact:   Joseph Orella

April 5, 2017
Event:   Frenchtown Invitational Academic Tournament [IS-163A]
Host:   Frenchtown High School, Frenchtown, MT
Contact:   Jim Stanicar

April 7, 2017
Event:   2017 ASCA High School State Championship [IS-166 (3-13)]
Host:   Alabama Scholastic Competition Association, Horton, AL
Contact:   Sharon Daily
Event:   Colonial Intermediate Unit 20 Academic Competition [2016-TV-D, JROTC16]
Host:   Sponsored by Chester County Intermediate Unit
Hosted at Colonial Intermediate Unit 20, Easton, PA
Contact:   Jennifer Shealy

April 8, 2017
Event:   2017 NAQT Ohio State Championship [IS-166]
Host:   St. Charles Preparatory School, Columbus, OH
Contact:   Alex Connor
Event:   Allderdice Invitational [IS-159A]
Host:   Allderdice High School, Pittsburgh, PA
Contact:   Leo Sweeney
Event:   MSHSAA Scholar Bowl District Tournaments [MO-DIST-16]
Host:   Missouri State High School Activities Association, Columbia, MO
Contact:   Stacy Schroeder
Event:   Pacific Northwest Championship [IS-164]
Host:   University of Washington
Contact:   U. of Washington Quizbowl
Event:   Roanoke Classic XI [IS-165A, MS-22]
Host:   Cave Spring High School, Roanoke, VA
Contact:   Bob Powers
Event:   Wisconsin Spring High School Quiz Bowl Tournament [IS-165A]
Host:   University of Wisconsin-Madison
Contact:   Zach Dumar

April 9, 2017
Event:   Johns Hopkins Blue Jay Bowl [IS-164]
Host:   The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
Contact:   Michael Shang
Event:   TQBA Texas Invitational VIII [ICT-17]
Host:   Texas Quiz Bowl Alliance, Katy, TX
Contact:   Chris Romero

April 14, 2017
Event:   Segerstrom Kiwanis Quiz Bowl [IS-163A]
Host:   Segerstrom High School, Santa Ana, CA
Contact:   Andy Martinez

April 15, 2017
Event:   2017 NAQT Massachusetts State Championship [IS-166]
Host:   Phillips Academy, Andover, MA
Contact:   Anna Cambron
Event:   2017 NAQT Northern California State Championship [IS-166]
Host:   Sponsored by Northern California Quiz Bowl Alliance
Hosted at University of California-Berkeley
Contact:   Jeff Hoppes
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Event:   ICT Open Mirror [ICT-17]
Host:   University of Missouri-Columbia
Contact:   Itamar Naveh-Benjamin
Event:   Northern Michigan Invitational [IS-163A]
Host:   Northern Michigan University, Marquette, MI
Contact:   Michael Joy
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Event:   Scarlet Knight Spring Invitational Tournament [IS-165A]
Host:   Rutgers University-New Brunswick
Contact:   Rutgers Academic Team
Event:   South Florida High School Invitational [IS-163A]
Host:   Broward College, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Contact:   Tony DeLia

April 20, 2017
Event:   Milford-Matamoras Rotary Scholastic Bowl [IS-164]
Host:   Rotary Club of Milford-Matamoras, Matamoras, PA
Contact:   Jamie Dykstra

April 21, 2017
Event:   Snead State Scholars Bowl [IS-165A]
Host:   Snead State Community College, Boaz, AL
Contact:   Blake Leeth

April 22, 2017
Event:   2017 NAQT Idaho State Championship [IS-165A]
Host:   Boise State University, Boise, ID
Contact:   Colin McNamara
Event:   Buena Vista Quiz Bowl Invitational [IS-165A]
Host:   Buena Vista University, Storm Lake, IA
Contact:   Thomas Bonagura
Event:   Cobalt Invitational II [IS-164]
Host:   La Jolla High School, La Jolla, CA
Contact:   Aaron Quesnell
Event:   Danville Admirals Pre-Nationals Invitational [SCT-17]
Host:   Sponsored by Jefferson County Public Schools
Hosted at Danville High School, Danville, KY
Contact:   Douglas Wilham
Event:   Enloe Invitational Academic Competition [IS-163A]
Host:   Enloe Magnet High School, Raleigh, NC
Contact:   Celia Rowland
This date is tentative.
Event:   Ninth Annual Season Ender Tournament [IS-165A, MS-22]
Host:   Paul M. Dorman High School, Roebuck, SC
Contact:   Cyrenna Moreno
Event:   Rotary Club Indiana Quizbowl State Championship [IS-166]
Host:   Sponsored by Saint Joseph High School
Hosted at Ancilla College, Donaldson, IN
Contact:   Ben Dillon
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April 26, 2017
Event:   MSHSAA Scholar Bowl Sectional Tournaments [MO-SECT-16]
Host:   Missouri State High School Activities Association, Columbia, MO
Contact:   Stacy Schroeder

April 28, 2017
Event:   2017 Small School National Championship Tournament [SSNCT-17]
Host:   Sponsored by National Academic Quiz Tournaments, LLC
Hosted at Hyatt Regency O'Hare, Rosemont, IL
Contact:   SSNCT Committee
Registration:   Field Fees Register
Event:   Pennsylvania State Academic Competition [IS-166]
Host:   Chester County Intermediate Unit, Downingtown, PA
Contact:   Jennifer Shealy

April 29, 2017
Event:   Big Easy Classic [IS-161A]
Host:   Sponsored by Louisiana Quiz Bowl Alliance
Hosted at Tulane University, New Orleans, LA
Contact:   Chris Romero
Event:   East Brunswick Bears Pre-Nationals Tournament [ICT-17]
Host:   East Brunswick High School, East Brunswick, NJ
Contact:   East Brunswick Academic Team
Event:   Gaston County Academic Tournament [IS-163A]
Host:   Gaston County Schools, Gastonia, NC
Contact:   Beth Watts
Event:   Hanover Junior Challenge [MS-22]
Host:   Hanover High School, Hanover, NH
Contact:   Gabriel Brison-Trezise

April 30, 2017
Event:   Warhawk IV Novice Invitational [IS-165A, MS-22]
Host:   James Madison High School, San Diego, CA
Contact:   Bob Stout

May 4, 2017
Event:   Chipola Invitational [IS-166]
Host:   Chipola College, Marianna, FL
Contact:   Stan Young

May 5, 2017
Event:   MSHSAA Scholar Bowl State Championship [MO-ST-16L, MO-ST-16S]
Host:   Sponsored by Missouri State High School Activities Association
Hosted at University of Missouri-Columbia
Contact:   Stacy Schroeder

May 6, 2017
Event:   18th Annual TQBA State Championship [SCT-17]
Host:   Sponsored by Texas Quiz Bowl Alliance
Hosted at Seven Lakes High School, Katy, TX
Contact:   Chris Romero

May 9, 2017
Event:   Chilton County High School Scholars' Bowl [2016-TV-D, IS-161A]
Host:   Sponsored by Chilton County Schools
Hosted at Clanton Middle School, Clanton, AL
Contact:   Kalee Culpepper

May 13, 2017
Event:   2017 NAQT Florida State Championship [IS-164]
Host:   University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL
Contact:   Peter Torres
Event:   West Point Spring Invitational [IS-164]
Host:   West Point High School, Cullman, AL
Contact:   Lee Henry

May 19, 2017
Event:   Lincoln County Quiz Bowl [IS-163A]
Host:   Lincoln County Schools, Lincolnton, NC
Contact:   Sharon Turney

May 20, 2017
Event:   Brookline Spring Rookie Tournament [IS-165A]
Host:   Brookline High School, Brookline, MA
Contact:   Adam Fried
Event:   Northmont Pre-Nationals Invitational [ICT-17]
Host:   Northmont High School, Clayton, OH
Contact:   David Jones

May 26, 2017
Event:   2017 High School National Championship Tournament [HSNCT-17]
Host:   Sponsored by National Academic Quiz Tournaments, LLC
Hosted at Atlanta Marriott Marquis, Atlanta, GA
Contact:   HSNCT Committee
Registration:   Field Fees Register

May 28, 2017
 Event:   ACRONYM X at HSNCT [Non-NAQT Questions]
Host:   Sponsored by Play Quiz Bowl
Hosted at Atlanta Marriott Marquis, Atlanta, GA
Contact:   Erik Nelson
Registration:   Field Fees Register

June 1, 2017
Event:   MasterMinds State Championship [IS-165A]
Host:   MasterMinds
Contact:   Scott Kroner
This date is approximate; it will be updated as soon as the host provides more definite information.

July 1, 2017
Event:   ACBL Reunion Tournament [SSNCT-17]
Host:   Bevill State Community College-Jasper, Jasper, AL
Contact:   Glenn Allen Bobo
This date is approximate; it will be updated as soon as the host provides more definite information.