Tournaments Using 2016-17 High School Championship

These are all of the tournaments using 2016-17 High School Championship. Teams planning their annual competition schedule should make certain that they are not attending more than one tournament that uses the same packet set. If you have any questions about this process or whether or not a given tournament is okay for your team to attend, please do not hesitate to contact NAQT.

Date Tournament Location Eligibility Contact Note
May 26–28, 2017 2017 High School National Championship Tournament Sponsored by NAQT (GA)
Hosted by Atlanta Marriott Marquis (GA)
High School Varsity HSNCT Committee This tournament will also use HSNCT-17EX and HSNCT-17BU.
July 8–9, 2017 Canadian HSNCT Mirror (Day 1) Toronto (ON, Canada) Open Meghan Torchia  
July 8–9, 2017 Canadian HSNCT Mirror (Day 2) Toronto (ON, Canada) Open Meghan Torchia  
February 24, 2018 TQBA Bluebonnet Bowl (Science) Sponsored by TQBA (TX)
Hosted by Seven Lakes (TX)
High School Varsity Chris Romero This division will also use HSNCT-16 and HSNCT-15.

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