Tournaments Using 2020 Sectional Championship Tournament (Division II)

These are all of the tournaments using 2020 Sectional Championship Tournament (Division II). Teams planning their annual competition schedule should make certain that they are not attending more than one tournament that uses the same packet set. If you have any questions about this process or whether or not a given tournament is okay for your team to attend, please do not hesitate to contact NAQT.

Map Key

  • green marker  Most tournaments
  • purple marker  National championships
  • orange marker  State championships
  • blue marker  Special events like sectionals and district tournaments

Letters indicate the level of the tournament. Tournaments for multiple levels may be shown with a •.

Date Tournament Location Eligibility Contact Note
February 8, 2020 NAQT Canada Sectional (Division II) Toronto (ON, Canada) Division II Christopher Sims  
February 8, 2020 NAQT Central Sectional (Division II) Missouri Division II Dinis Trindade  
February 8, 2020 NAQT Florida Sectional (Division II) UCF (FL) Division II Griffin Thompson  
February 8, 2020 NAQT Great Lakes Sectional Michigan (MI) Division II Conor Thompson  
February 8, 2020 NAQT Lower Mid-Atlantic Sectional (Division II) North Carolina State Division II Melvin Orichi Socana  
February 8, 2020 NAQT Midwest Sectional (Division II) Purdue (IN) Division II Stan Jastrzebski  
February 8, 2020 NAQT New England Sectional (Division II) MIT (MA) Division II Eric Lu  
February 8, 2020 NAQT New York Sectional Sponsored by CYPRAS (NY)
Hosted by Cornell
Division II Scott Kroner  
February 8, 2020 NAQT North Sectional (Division II) Sponsored by Play Quiz Bowl
Hosted by Minnesota
Division II Erik Nelson  
February 8, 2020 NAQT Northern California Sectional (Division II) UC Berkeley Division II Jeff Hoppes  
February 8, 2020 NAQT Northwest Sectional Washington Division II Michael Bentley  
February 8, 2020 NAQT Rocky Mountain Sectional Colorado Division I Matt Mitchell  
February 8, 2020 NAQT South Sectional (Division II) Texas (TX) Division II Ryan Humphrey  
February 8, 2020 NAQT Southeast Sectional (Division II) Auburn (AL) Division II Chandler West  
February 8, 2020 NAQT Southern California Sectional (Division II) UCLA (CA) Division II Anishka Bandara  
February 8, 2020 NAQT Upper Mid-Atlantic Sectional (Division II) Penn (PA) Division II Penn Quizbowl  
February 15, 2020 GATA Winter Open North (Nationals Prep Division) Sponsored by GATA (GA)
Hosted by Apalachee (GA)
High School Varsity GATA Quiz Bowl  
February 28–29, 2020 2020 Community College Championship Tournament Sponsored by NAQT (KS)
Hosted by Valencia (FL)
Junior/Community College CCCT Committee  
February 29, 2020 2020 NAQT Illinois State Championship Sponsored by IHSSBCA
Hosted by Illinois
High School Varsity Tyler Vaughan  
February 29, 2020 2020 NAQT Missouri State Qualifier Sponsored by MOQBA (MO)
Hosted by Columbia College (MO)
High School Varsity Jeffrey Hill  

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