2002-2003 Sectional Championship Hosts

National Academic Quiz Tournaments, LLC is pleased to announce that the 2002-2003 four-year collegiate Sectional Championship Tournaments will be held at the following locations:

Sectional School Contact
Great Lakes Case Western Josh Levit
Heartland Missouri-Columbia Jason Mueller
Mid-Atlantic Virginia Chris Manteuffel
Midsouth Tennessee-Chattanooga Charlie Steinhice
Midwest Chicago Susan Ruth Ferrari
New England Boston University Erik Nielsen
Northwest Simon Fraser Shaun Webb
South Texas A&M Chris Romero
West Caltech Jordan Boyd-Graber

All of the Sectional Championship Tournaments will be held on the weekend of February 7-8, 2003. Some of these tournaments will be Saturday only, others will be Friday and Saturday.

As in previous years, three titles will be awarded:

The winners of those three titles will receive automatic invitations to the 2003 Intercollegiate Championship Tournament. It is also possible for additional teams from each SCT to qualify based on their performance.

Hosts will post more detailed information including schedules, fees, format, housing, and rosters closer to the date of the tournament. Schools should contact hosts directly to register for these tournaments.

There are also separate SCTs for two-year colleges. Community colleges may attend the four-year tournaments and may qualify (for Division II) just as any other school regardless of whether they also compete in, or how they perform at, a two-year college sectional. There is no automatic qualification for the best community college team at a four-year sectional.