2018 Sectional Championship Tournament Editors

NAQT is pleased to announce that Jacob Reed will be serving as guest editor on NAQT’s 2018 Division I Sectional Championship Tournament set. Jacob will be working under the direction of NAQT’s Chief Editor, Seth Teitler. NAQT was very pleased with Jacob’s work last year (along with that of his teammate, Stephen Eltinge), and we are delighted to have him back in the same role.

Jacob remains eligible to compete in the 2018 Intercollegiate Championship Tournament, powered by LetterOne; NAQT’s internal production software will track any questions to which he has been exposed (including questions that don’t end up in the final SCT set) to ensure that all questions read at the ICT will be secure. In addition, any questions to which he has been exposed will not be used at future SCTs (or ICTs) until Jacob has completed his collegiate competition career.

In exchange for his service, Yale University will receive a Tier-2 guest-editing autobid to the Division I ICT.

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