Maintaining Question Security

In order for quiz bowl tournaments to be fair, it is necessary that the questions used be completely new (in jargon, “secure” or “pristine”) to all competitors. The responsibility for ensuring that this happens at events that use NAQT questions is divided among NAQT itself, the host, and the participating teams as follows:

  • It is NAQT’s responsibility to license packet sets in accordance with its geographic exclusivity policy for high schools, to not make questions available to competing teams through other channels, to let hosts know as quickly as possible which packet set (e.g. “Invitational Series #128”) they will be using, to maintain an accurate list of packet set assignments on its website, to promptly answer questions from hosts and teams about this policy, and to communicate hosts’ responsibilities to them.

    NAQT does not have a fixed geographic exclusivity policy for collegiate tournaments, but will make decisions based on the distance between prospective hosts and the density of teams in the surrounding region.

  • It is hosts’ responsibility to prominently indicate in all of the publicity for their events which packet set (e.g., “Invitational Series #128”) they will be using and to communicate to participating teams their share of the responsibility for maintaining security. This pertains to both high school and collegiate hosts.

  • It is teams’ responsibility to make sure that they attend only one event using each set of questions. Teams should read hosts’ announcements to learn which packet sets each tournament will be using (or find the information on NAQT’s website). If there is any question at all about the packet set assignment, teams should contact NAQT to resolve the issue. This applies to teams from both high schools and colleges.

NAQT recommends that hosts include the following text in their publicity materials:

This tournament will use questions provided by National Academic Quiz Tournaments, LLC. We are using Invitational Series #XX and have purchased geographic exclusivity for X and Y. It is the responsibility of participating teams to make sure that they have not attended (and do not plan to attend) another tournament anywhere in the country that is using the same packet set. Teams can find a complete explanation of geographic exclusivity on NAQT’s website at and of their responsibility in maintaining question security at Teams that don’t know which packet sets were used at previous tournaments may find this information at Teams with questions about exclusivity or security should contact NAQT at immediately.

Note that one of the purposes of geographic exclusivity is to create a situation in which teams from a state that only attend tournaments in that state need never be concerned about security. Teams that attend tournaments outside of their state, should make certain that they understand NAQT’s policy and their responsibilites with respect to it.

Neither hosts nor teams may exchange, show, discuss, or otherwise reveal or suggest the content of NAQT questions from the current academic year in any public forum or in any private conversation. At the end of an academic year, tournament questions from that year may be discussed unless otherwise announced by NAQT. Note that parties remain unable to distribute copies of NAQT sets, packets, or questions for any purpose, at any time, including after the end of the academic year in which they were written.

Please address any concerns about the various entities’ responsibilities for maintaining question security to NAQT at