Statistics and Results

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This section of the NAQT website collects results and statistics from past tournaments that used NAQT questions. It also tracks record-setting performances (e.g., highest team points-per-tossup-heard for a single tournament) and provides some quantitative rankings for every team in the nation.

This section was launched in April 2008 and is currently severely incomplete. NAQT is very interested in finding missing results and adding them to the database. If you have results that you would like incorporated into our database, please contact us at We are only accepting results for entire tournaments (or, at a minimum, the preliminary rounds); we don’t want to load individual team performances (“Metropolis High School went 7–2 at the 2005 Smallville Invitational”) without similar data for every team.

We would prefer to have complete individual statistics (i.e., P/T/I numbers for every player from every game), but can also make use of more restricted datasets including team P/T/I totals, team point totals per game, game results, final won-lost records, or even a simple order-of-finish for the field.

We are currently only accepting data from tournaments that used NAQT questions and then only if they used a format that is roughly compatible with our reporting structure. If you have questions about what counts, feel free to ask us or just look around at the kinds of events that are included. Note that some tournaments might be included but ineligible for team or individual records due to differences in rules (e.g., not using interrupt penalties).