Individual Performance

Player: Andy Kravis
Tournament: ACRONYM X at HSNCT
Team: Captain Black's Horse Crunchies
School: Captain Black's Horse Crunchies


An explanation of quiz bowl statistics is available.

Round Opponent Win/Loss TUHPTUIPPTUHP%PP20TH
1 Blue Corn Harvest Win203303.750.50075.00
2 Adlai E. Stevenson The Joe Noty's Win205123.750.83375.00
3 Coronado DJ Ball So Hard Win204103.500.80070.00
4 Columbia We Talkin Bout Practice? Win203323.250.50065.00
5 UC Sunnydale Win204204.000.66780.00
6 Trashtastic Five Win200402.000.00040.00
7 MC Gandalf Win201101.250.50025.00
8 Alternative Answers Loss200311.250.00025.00
9 Alternative Answers Loss200201.000.00020.00

Playoff games are highlighted in pink; tiebreaker games are highlighted in yellow.