Individual Performance

Player: Paul Schreiber
Tournament: 2006 Intercollegiate Championship Tournament
Team: State College-Manatee
School: State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota (Bradenton, FL)


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Round Opponent Win/Loss TUHPTUIPPTUHP%PP20TH
1 Chicago Win200502.500.00050.00
2 Florida State Loss220210.680.00013.64
3 George Washington Loss220320.910.00018.18
4 Grinnell Loss210100.480.0009.52
5 Stanford Loss221201.590.33331.82
6 Emory-Oxford Loss220512.050.00040.91
7 Oklahoma State Loss200311.250.00025.00
9 Snead State Loss230511.960.00039.13
10 Cloud County CC Win211201.670.33333.33
11 Hamline Loss200402.000.00040.00
12 Louisiana-Lafayette Loss24014-0.420.000-8.33
13 Bevill-Jasper Loss210411.670.00033.33
14 Southern Virginia Loss230401.740.00034.78

Playoff games are highlighted in pink; tiebreaker games are highlighted in yellow.