Individual Performance

Player: Sudheer Potru
Tournament: 2006 Intercollegiate Championship Tournament
Team: Illinois
School: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Urbana-Champaign, IL)


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Round Opponent Win/Loss TUHPTUIPPTUHP%PP20TH
1 UCLA Win254323.200.57164.00
2 Texas Win193002.371.00047.37
3 Wisconsin Win232202.170.50043.48
4 Yale Win222312.500.40050.00
5 Princeton Win26001-0.190.000-3.85
6 McGill Win263403.270.42965.38
7 Florida Win213303.570.50071.43
9 Chicago A Win243212.500.60050.00
10 Virginia Win204204.000.66780.00
11 VCU Win262402.690.33353.85
12 Stanford Win233403.700.42973.91
13 Brown Win263503.650.37573.08
14 UC Berkeley Loss264313.270.57165.38

Playoff games are highlighted in pink; tiebreaker games are highlighted in yellow.