Individual Performance

Player: David Press
Tournament: 2004 Intercollegiate Championship Tournament
Team: Chicago
School: The University of Chicago (Chicago, IL)


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Round Opponent Win/Loss TUHPTUIPPTUHP%PP20TH
1 Arkansas Loss220200.910.00018.18
2 U of Rochester Loss260200.770.00015.38
3 Rutgers Win220110.230.0004.55
4 Maryland Loss220000.000.0000.00
5 Rice Win251010.401.0008.00
6 Minnesota Win210200.950.00019.05
7 Emory Loss220110.230.0004.55
9 Virginia Win261201.350.33326.92
10 Swarthmore Loss230000.000.0000.00
11 Pittsburgh Loss230000.000.0000.00
12 Columbia Win241201.460.33329.17
13 Carleton College Win230000.000.0000.00
14 Michigan C Win230200.870.00017.39

Playoff games are highlighted in pink; tiebreaker games are highlighted in yellow.