2016-2017 Tournament Results

  States & Provinces:
Date Event Host Prelims Playoffs Write Up
8/6/2016 Louisiana Open III Louisiana-Lafayette (LA) Complete Complete -
8/27/2016 Cobb County Academic Bowl Sponsored by Cobb County Schools (GA)
Hosted at Walton (GA)
Complete None -
8/27/2016 Gwinnett County High School Tournament Gwinnett County Schools (GA) Records Game Results -
9/17/2016 2016 ASCA High School Fun Tournament North Sponsored by ASCA (AL)
Hosted at Arab Junior (AL)
Team List Team List -
9/17/2016 2016 ASCA Fun Tournament South Sponsored by ASCA (AL)
Hosted at LAMP (AL)
Team List Team List -
9/17/2016 23rd Annual Ezell-Harding Academic Tournament Ezell-Harding (TN) Game Statistics Game Statistics -
9/17/2016 Wolfpack Invitational North Carolina State (NC) Complete Complete -
9/17/2016 2016 Sacramento Fall Tournament Sponsored by NCQBA (CA)
Hosted at Rio Americano (CA)
Complete Complete -
9/17/2016 Smithtown West Invitational Season Starter I (SWISS I) Smithtown West (NY) Complete Complete -
9/24/2016 Arizona Quizbowl Association Season Introductory Competition Sponsored by Arizona Quizbowl (AZ)
Hosted at Arizona State (AZ)
Complete None -
9/24/2016 University of Charleston Fall Quiz Bowl Kick-Off Charleston (WV) Complete Complete -
9/24/2016 Itawamba Invitational Itawamba Agricultural (MS) Complete Complete -
9/24/2016 MIT Fall Tournament MIT (MA) Complete Complete -
9/24/2016 Oklahoma Early Fall Tournament Oklahoma (OK) Complete Complete -
9/24/2016 Princeton High School Academic Tournament XXIV Princeton (NJ) Complete Complete -
9/24/2016 Singapore Fall Invitational Singapore American (Singapore) Game Statistics Game Statistics -
9/24/2016 Sue Pasco Opening Tournament Sponsored by Vermont-NEA Scholars' Bowl (VT)
Hosted at Essex (VT)
Game Results Game Results -
9/24/2016 Torrey Pines Academic Invitational Torrey Pines (CA) Complete Complete -
9/24/2016 TQBA Hornet Hullabaloo Sponsored by TQBA (TX)
Hosted at Greenhill (TX)
Complete Complete -
9/24/2016 Ysleta Invitational Tournament Ysleta (TX) Game Results Game Results -
9/24/2016 Harvest Prep Fall Invitational Harvest Prep (OH) Game Statistics Game Statistics -
10/1/2016 Earlybird at University of Illinois Illinois (IL) Complete Complete -
10/1/2016 Michigan State Kickoff Tournament Michigan State (MI) Complete Complete -
10/1/2016 Aggie Invitational Sponsored by Central Alabama CC (AL)
Hosted at Sylacauga (AL)
Pending Pending -
10/1/2016 TQBA Falcon Fest Sponsored by TQBA (TX)
Hosted at Fulmore Middle (TX)
Complete Complete -
10/1/2016 TQBA Viking Invasion Sponsored by TQBA (TX)
Hosted at Village (TX)
Complete Complete -
10/1/2016 Waynedale Invitational Waynedale (OH) Game Statistics None -
10/8/2016 GATA Fall Tournament North Sponsored by GATA (GA)
Hosted at Chattahoochee (GA)
Game Statistics Game Statistics -
10/8/2016 Indiana Kick-Off Tournament William Henry Harrison (IN) Complete Complete -
10/8/2016 King JROTC Invitational Martin Luther King (CA) Game Statistics Order of Finish -
10/8/2016 L&N STEM Train Bowl L&N STEM (TN) Complete Complete -
10/8/2016 Casey Young Memorial Tournament Louisville (KY) Complete Complete -
10/8/2016 NCQBA Kickoff Tournament - Berkeley Sponsored by NCQBA (CA)
Hosted at UC Berkeley (CA)
Complete Complete -
10/8/2016 NCQBA Kickoff Tournament - Mountain View Sponsored by NCQBA (CA)
Hosted at Saint Francis (CA)
Complete Complete -
10/8/2016 Crusader Cup XI North Greenville (SC) Complete Complete -
10/8/2016 Solon Fall Tournament Solon (OH) Complete Complete -
10/8/2016 Tal Atkins Memorial Quiz Bowl Tournament Caddo Magnet (LA) Game Statistics Game Statistics -
10/8/2016 TQBA Kickoff Classic XII Sponsored by TQBA (TX)
Hosted at Seven Lakes (TX)
Complete Complete -
10/8/2016 William Rufus King Memorial Tournament Alabama (AL) Pending Pending -
10/8/2016 Michigan Tech Blizzard Bowl Michigan Tech (MI) Complete Complete -
10/15/2016 Columbian Exposition Columbian (OH) Complete Complete -
10/15/2016 Eureka Season Opener Tournament Eureka (MO) Complete Complete -
10/15/2016 Quaker Bowl Early College at Guilford (NC) Complete Complete -
10/15/2016 High Point Central Open High Point Central (NC) Complete Complete -
10/15/2016 The Redbud Invitational Honaker (VA) Pending Pending -
10/15/2016 Marionville Academic Team Challenge Marionville (MO) Pending Pending -
10/15/2016 Collegiate High at NWFSC School Invitational Collegiate High at NWFSC (FL) Records Game Results -
10/15/2016 2016 Gryphon Bowl Thomas Jefferson Classical (NC) Game Results Game Statistics -
10/15/2016 TQBA Sparkling City Challenge III Sponsored by TQBA (TX)
Hosted at Gregory-Portland (TX)
Complete Complete -
10/15/2016 Tri-State Tussle II: The Sequel Delaware Valley (PA) Complete Complete -
10/15/2016 VCU Fall Tournament VCU (VA) Complete Complete -
10/15/2016 27th Annual Walton Academic Challenge Walton (GA) Game Statistics Game Statistics -
10/15/2016 Jan Rademacher Memorial Quiz Bowl Tournament White Cloud (MI) Complete Complete -
10/15/2016 University High Invitational University High (WV) Pending Pending -
10/15/2016 Yale Fall Academic Tournament Yale (CT) Complete Complete -
10/22/2016 Arizona Quizbowl Association October Invitational Sponsored by Arizona Quizbowl (AZ)
Hosted at Arizona State (AZ)
Complete Complete -
10/22/2016 Greg Trandel Memorial Bulldog Brawl Cedar Shoals (GA) Game Statistics Game Statistics -
10/22/2016 Tri-State Falcon Fall Tournament Friends Select (PA) Pending Pending -
10/22/2016 GATA Fall Tournament South Sponsored by GATA (GA)
Hosted at Dublin (GA)
Pending Pending -
10/22/2016 Missouri Fall Academic Tournament Missouri (MO) Pending Pending -
10/22/2016 Moon Valley Mindsoon Moon Valley (AZ) Pending Pending -
10/22/2016 Trojan Academic Tournament New Kent (VA) Pending Pending -
10/22/2016 Phillips Academy Fall Tournament Phillips Academy (MA) Pending Pending -
10/22/2016 TQBA Alamo City VI Sponsored by TQBA (TX)
Hosted at Brandeis (TX)
Pending Pending -