2017-2018 Tournament Results

  States & Provinces:
Date Event Host Prelims Playoffs Write Up
9/16/2017 TQBA Bayou City Jamboree Sponsored by TQBA (TX)
Hosted at Strake Jesuit (TX)
Complete Complete -
9/19/2017 Riverview Intermediate Unit #6 Buzzer Event Sponsored by Brookville (PA)
Hosted at Riverview IU-6 (PA)
In Process Pending -
9/23/2017 Itawamba Invitational Itawamba Agricultural (MS) Complete None -
9/23/2017 The Paideia PiFight 2017 Paideia (GA) Pending Pending -
9/23/2017 TQBA Falcon Fest III Sponsored by TQBA (TX)
Hosted at Fulmore Middle (TX)
Complete Complete -
9/23/2017 TQBA Hornet Hullabaloo III Sponsored by TQBA (TX)
Hosted at Greenhill (TX)
Complete Complete -
9/30/2017 GATA Fall Tournament North Sponsored by GATA (GA)
Hosted at Brookwood (GA)
Complete Complete -
9/30/2017 Miami Valley School Fall Kickoff Tournament Miami Valley (OH) Complete Complete -
9/30/2017 Sacramento Fall Middle School Tournament Sponsored by NCQBA (CA)
Hosted at Churchill Middle (CA)
Complete Complete -
10/7/2017 TQBA Viking Invasion III Sponsored by TQBA (TX)
Hosted at Village (TX)
Complete Complete -
10/12/2017 Saint Viator 8th Grade Tournament Saint Viator (IL) Game Results None -
10/14/2017 Fourth Annual Fairview Egghead Invitational Tournament Fairview Middle (FL) Complete Complete -
10/14/2017 South Bay Fall Novice Tournament Sponsored by NCQBA (CA)
Hosted at Saint Francis (CA)
Complete Complete -
10/21/2017 Carrboro Invitational Carrboro (NC) Complete None -
10/21/2017 2nd Annual Brown Summit Middle School Quiz Bowl Tournament Brown Summit Middle (NC) Complete Complete -
10/28/2017 Campbell County Middle School Classic Campbell County Middle (KY) Complete Complete -
10/28/2017 Gallatin Middle School Fall Invitational Gallatin (TN) Game Results Game Results -
11/4/2017 Dunbar Bulldog Middle School Tournament Dunbar (KY) Game Statistics Game Statistics -
11/4/2017 Lewis Falcons Middle School Academic Tournament Lewis (FL) Complete Complete -
11/4/2017 Marionville Academic Team Challenge Marionville (MO) Complete Complete -
11/4/2017 Notre Dame Grade School Invitational Notre Dame (MO) Game Statistics None -
11/4/2017 Sunrise Invitational Sunrise (MO) Complete Complete -
11/4/2017 TQBA Strake Prep Bowl XLIV Sponsored by TQBA (TX)
Hosted at Strake Jesuit (TX)
Complete Complete -
11/4/2017 Tuscumbia Fall Middle School Academic Tournament Tuscumbia (MO) Complete Complete -
11/4/2017 Holt Middle School Invitational Holt (MI) Complete Complete -
11/4/2017 San Francisco Bay Area Catholic Middle School Quiz Bowl Sponsored by Riordan (CA)
Hosted at St. Gabriel (CA)
Game Results Game Results -
11/4/2017 Gladiator Fall Tournament 2017 St. Mary's Visitation (WI) Complete Complete -
11/5/2017 Centennial Invitational Centennial (MD) Complete Complete -
11/7/2017 2nd Annual Walsh-Pembina Junior High Academic Olympic Competition North Valley Career Tech (ND) Order of Finish Order of Finish -
11/11/2017 Collins Hill Middle School Invitational Collins Hill (GA) Pending Pending -
11/11/2017 IQAT Treasure Valley Middle School Invitational Sponsored by IQAT (ID)
Hosted at Treasure Valley (ID)
Complete None -
11/11/2017 Loyola Middle School Invitational Tournament Loyola Academy (IL) Complete Complete -
11/11/2017 Winter Invitational for Zealous Academic Recall Duelists Sponsored by MQBA (MN)
Hosted at Shattuck-St. Mary's (MN)
Complete Complete -
11/11/2017 Burlington Fall Middle School Tournament Burlington (VT) Complete Complete -
11/18/2017 Sullivan Middle School Invitational Sullivan Middle (MO) Pending Pending -
11/18/2017 Valley Christian Fall Middle School Invitational Sponsored by NCQBA (CA)
Hosted at Valley Christian (CA)
Pending Pending -
11/18/2017 Classical Prep Semi-Annual Quiz Bowl Invitational Classical Prep (FL) Pending Pending -