2016-2017 Tournament Results

  States & Provinces:
Date Event Host Prelims Playoffs Write Up
8/6/2016 Louisiana Open III Louisiana-Lafayette (LA) Complete Complete -
9/10/2016 Virginia Collegiate Novice Invitational Virginia (VA) Complete Complete -
9/17/2016 Carnegie Mellon Collegiate Novice Invitational Carnegie Mellon (PA) Complete Complete -
9/18/2016 Kentucky Collegiate Novice Invitational Kentucky (KY) Complete None -
9/24/2016 Carleton University Collegiate Novice Invitational Carleton University (ON, Canada) Complete None -
9/24/2016 Louisiana Tech Collegiate Novice Invitational Louisiana Tech (LA) Complete Complete -
9/24/2016 Michigan Collegiate Novice Invitational Michigan (MI) Complete None -
9/24/2016 South Carolina Collegiate Novice Invitational South Carolina (SC) Complete None -
9/24/2016 University of Toronto Collegiate Novice Tournament Toronto (ON, Canada) Complete Complete -
9/24/2016 UCF Collegiate Novice Invitational UCF (FL) Complete Complete -
9/24/2016 WUSTL Collegiate Novice Tournament WUSTL (MO) Game Statistics None -
10/1/2016 Berkeley Collegiate Novice Invitational UC Berkeley (CA) Complete None -
10/1/2016 Carleton Collegiate Novice Invitational Carleton College (MN) Game Statistics Game Statistics Yes
10/1/2016 Cornell Collegiate Novice Invitational Cornell (NY) Complete None -
10/1/2016 Georgetown Collegiate Novice Invitational Georgetown (DC) Complete Complete -
10/8/2016 Chicago Collegiate Novice Invitational Chicago (IL) Complete Complete -
10/22/2016 Connecticut Collegiate Novice Invitational UConn (CT) Complete Complete -
10/22/2016 Minnesota Collegiate Novice Invitational Minnesota (MN) Complete None -
10/22/2016 Northern Michigan Collegiate Novice Invitational Northern Michigan (MI) Complete None -
10/29/2016 2016 KCQRL Louisville Tournament Louisville (KY) Complete None -
10/29/2016 UC Irvine Collegiate Novice Invitational UC Irvine (CA) Complete None -
12/3/2016 Capital District Regional QBRRIOT Sponsored by CYPRAS (NY)
Hosted at Albany College of Pharmacy (NY)
Game Results None -
12/3/2016 Western New York QBRRIOT Sponsored by CYPRAS (NY)
Hosted at RIT (NY)
Complete None -
1/14/2017 2017 KCQRL Jefferson Tournament Jefferson CC (KY) Complete Complete -
2/4/2017 London Collegiate Novice Tournament St. Barts (UK) Game Statistics None -
2/4/2017 NAQT Canada Sectional Carleton University (ON, Canada) Complete Complete -
2/4/2017 NAQT Florida Sectional UCF (FL) Complete None -
2/4/2017 NAQT Great Lakes Sectional Youngstown State (OH) Complete Complete -
2/4/2017 NAQT Mid-Atlantic Sectional Virginia (VA) Complete Complete -
2/4/2017 NAQT Midwest Sectional WUSTL (MO) Complete Complete -
2/4/2017 NAQT New England Sectional Yale (CT) Complete Complete -
2/4/2017 NAQT New York Sectional Sponsored by CYPRAS (NY)
Hosted at Hamilton (NY)
Complete None -
2/4/2017 NAQT North Sectional Sponsored by Play Quiz Bowl (MN)
Hosted at Minnesota (MN)
Complete Complete -
2/4/2017 NAQT Northern California Sectional Stanford (CA) Complete Complete -
2/4/2017 NAQT Rocky Mountain Sectional Colorado (CO) Complete Complete -
2/4/2017 NAQT South Sectional Sponsored by TQBA (TX)
Hosted at UT-Dallas (TX)
Complete Complete -
2/4/2017 NAQT South Central Sectional Western Kentucky (KY) Complete Complete -
2/4/2017 NAQT Southwest Sectional UC San Diego (CA) Complete None -
2/5/2017 NAQT Southeast Sectional Georgia Tech (GA) Complete Complete -
2/11/2017 NAQT Northwest Sectional Boise State (ID) Complete None -
2/25/2017 ACRONYM X at CCCT Sponsored by Play Quiz Bowl (MN)
Hosted at Hilton Minneapolis (MN)
Complete Complete -
2/25/2017 2017 Big South Championship Sponsored by Big South (NC)
Hosted at Radford (VA)
Complete None -
3/4/2017 Tulsa Collegiate Novice Invitational Tulsa (OK) Complete Complete -
3/17/2017 Louisiana Collegiate Honors Council Quiz Bowl Louisiana-Lafayette (LA) Game Results Game Results -
4/8/2017 Roanoke Classic XI Cave Spring (VA) Complete Complete -
4/8/2017 2017 Intercollegiate Championship Tournament Sponsored by NAQT
Hosted at Hyatt Regency O'Hare (IL)
Complete Complete -
4/22/2017 Burnsville Community Invitational Burnsville (MN) Complete None -
4/22/2017 Prairie Fire Division II Invitational Knox (IL) Complete None -
5/7/2017 2017 Varsity Match Sponsored by BuzzerQuiz (UK)
Hosted at Cambridge (UK)
Complete None -
5/20/2017 British Student Quiz Championships Sponsored by BuzzerQuiz (UK)
Hosted at Warwick (UK)
Complete Complete -
5/28/2017 ACRONYM X at HSNCT Sponsored by Play Quiz Bowl (MN)
Hosted at Atlanta Marriott Marquis (GA)
Complete Complete -
7/8/2017 ACBL Reunion Tournament Bevill-Jasper (AL) Complete Complete -
7/8/2017 Canadian HSNCT Mirror Toronto (ON, Canada) Complete Complete -
7/29/2017 Canadian ICT Mirror Toronto (ON, Canada) Complete None -