Blue Mountain High School Tournament Results

An explanation of quiz bowl statistics is available.

Date Packet Set Tournament Team Rank W-L Points TUH P TU I PPB PPTUH PP20TUH
3/15/182017-TV-D, IS-173A Schuylkill Intermediate Unit #29 Academic BowlAn/a Pending
10/10/17 - 2/7/18IS-165A, IS-167A, IS-169A, MS-23 Schuylkill Academic LeagueAn/a Pending
4/28/172016CCIU, IS-166 Pennsylvania State Academic CompetitionA4 / 242–0-1225Not available
3/31/172016-TV-D, IS-163A Schuylkill Intermediate Unit #29 Academic BowlA1 / 114–0450Not available
10/11/16 - 2/8/172016-TV-B, 2016-TV-C, IS-157A, IS-159A, MS-19 Schuylkill Academic LeagueA1 / 129–21750Not available
4/29/162015-2016 SC 1-21, IS-156 Pennsylvania State Academic CompetitionA3 / 233–1295Not available
3/18/16IS-153A, SC-48 Schuylkill Intermediate Unit #29 Academic BowlA1 / 114–0420Not available
10/5/15 - 2/1/16IS-147A, IS-149A, MS-15, SC-46, SC-47 Schuylkill Academic LeagueA1 / 11 Not available
3/9/15IS-143A, SC-45 Schuylkill Intermediate Unit #29 Academic BowlA3 / 113–1390Not available
10/6/14 - 2/9/15IS-137A, IS-139A, MS-11, SC-43, SC-44 Schuylkill Academic LeagueA2 / 11 Not available
3/10/14IS-133A, SC-41 Schuylkill Intermediate Unit #29 Academic BowlA1 / 114–0480Not available
10/7/13 - 2/10/14IS-127A, IS-129A, MS-07, SC-39, SC-40 Schuylkill Academic LeagueA1 / 11 Not available
3/15/13IS-125A, SC-38 Schuylkill Intermediate Unit #29 Academic BowlA1 / 104–0475Not available
11/5/12 - 2/25/13IS-119A, IS-121A, MS-04, SC-36, SC-37 Schuylkill Academic LeagueA1 / 98–02760Not available

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