University of Washington

Date Event Packet Set Results/Registration
2/9/19 NAQT Northwest Sectional SCT-19, SCT-19DII

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12/8/18 Washington Fall Classic IS-178A Complete
11/17/18 Washington Middle School Fall Classic MS-27 Game Statistics
4/7/18 Washington Middle School Spring Classic MS-25 Complete
2/3/18 NAQT Northwest Sectional SCT-18DII Complete
12/9/17 Washington Fall Classic IS-169A Complete
4/29/17 Pacific Northwest Championship IS-164 Complete
12/10/16 Washington Fall Classic IS-161A Complete
4/30/16 2016 NAQT Washington State Championship IS-156 Complete
1/23/16 UW Winter Classic IS-153A Complete
4/18/15 2015 NAQT Washington State Championship IS-146 Complete
1/24/15 UW Winter Classic IS-143A Complete
4/19/14 2014 NAQT Washington State Championship IS-136 Complete
2/8/14 NAQT Northwest Sectional SCT-14 Complete
10/19/13 University of Washington Fall Classic IS-129A Complete
4/20/13 2013 NAQT Washington State Championship IS-125A Complete
2/9/13 NAQT Region 14 Sectional (Region 14) SCT-13DII Complete
5/19/12 ICT DII Mirror ICT-12DII Complete
3/31/12 2012 NAQT Washington State Championship IS-116 Complete
1/14/12 UW Winter Classic IS-111 Complete
4/16/11 2011 NAQT Washington State Championship IS-105 Complete
1/15/11 UW Winter Classic IS-101A Prelims: Complete
Playoffs: Game Results
4/17/10 2010 NAQT Washington State Championship IS-93A Complete
2/6/10 NAQT Northwest Sectional (Region 14) SCT-10, SCT-10DII Complete
10/24/09 UW Fall Invitational IS-87A Complete
2/8/02 Sectional Championship SCT-02 Prelims: Records
Playoffs: Not Available
2/10/01 Sectional Championship SCT-01 Prelims: Records
Playoffs: Not Available
11/11/00 Intercollegiate Fall Tournament IFT-2000  
2/11/00 Sectional Championship SCT-00 Prelims: Records
Playoffs: Not Available