Carleton College

Date Event Packet Set Results/Registration Writeup
2/1/20 2020 Snow CAT IS-188 Complete 
1/19/19 2019 Snow CAT IS-181 Complete 
2/3/18 NAQT North Sectional SCT-18DII Complete 
1/27/18 2018 Snow CAT IS-172 Complete 
1/21/17 2017 Snow CAT IS-162 Complete 
10/1/16 Carleton Collegiate Novice Invitational CNS-158C Game StatisticsView
1/23/16 2016 Snow CAT IS-152 Complete 
1/31/15 2015 Snow CAT IS-142 Complete 
1/25/14 2014 Snow CAT IS-132 Complete 
1/26/13 2013 Snow CAT IS-122 Complete 
2/4/12 NAQT Region 10 Sectional (Region 10) SCT-12 and SCT-12DII Complete 
1/28/12 2012 Snow CAT IS-111 Complete 
1/22/11 2011 Snow CAT IS-100 Complete 
1/23/10 2010 Snow CAT IS-90 Complete 
11/14/09 Carleton Undergraduate Tournament XII IS-86 Game Statistics 
2/7/09 Sectional Championship SCT-09 and SCT-09DII Complete 
1/31/09 2009 Snow CAT IS-81 Complete 
11/15/08 Carleton Undergraduate Tournament XI IS-77 Prelims: Records
Playoffs: Order of Finish
3/8/08 Carleton Undergraduate Tournament X IS-76 Records 
2/9/08 Sectional Championship SCT-08 and SCT-08DII Complete 
1/19/08 2008 Snow CAT IS-72 Complete 
3/3/07 Carleton Undergraduate Tournament IX IS-67 Records 
1/20/07 2007 Snow CAT IS-64 Prelims: Complete
Playoffs: Game Results
3/4/06 Carleton Undergraduate Tournament VIII IS-59 Records 
1/28/06 2006 Snow CAT IS-56 Prelims: Complete
Playoffs: Game Statistics
3/5/05 Carleton Undergraduate Tournament VII IS-51 Prelims: Records
Playoffs: Not Available
1/29/05 2005 Snow CAT IS-49A Prelims: Complete
Playoffs: Order of Finish
3/6/04 Carleton Undergraduate Tournament VI IS-43 Records 
2/7/04 Sectional Championship SCT-04 and SCT-04DII Complete 
1/31/04 2004 Snow CAT IS-40A Prelims: Complete
Playoffs: Game Statistics
3/8/03 Carleton Undergraduate Tournament V IS-34 Prelims: Records
Playoffs: Not Available
3/2/02 Carleton Undergraduate Tournament IV IS-29 Prelims: Records
Playoffs: Game Results
3/3/01 Carleton Undergraduate Tournament III IS-24 Prelims: Records
Playoffs: Order of Finish
3/4/00 Carleton Undergraduate Tournament II IS-20 Prelims: Order of Finish
Playoffs: Not Available
11/15/97 Northern Conference Championship IFT-1997 Prelims: Records
Playoffs: Not Available