Washington University in St. Louis

Date Event Packet Set Results/Registration Writeup
10/2/21 WUSTL Collegiate Novice Tournament CNS-204C Complete 
9/22/18 WUSTL Collegiate Novice Tournament CNS-177C Complete 
2/4/17 NAQT Midwest Sectional SCT-17 and SCT-17DII Complete 
9/24/16 WUSTL Collegiate Novice Tournament CNS-158C Game Statistics 
2/7/09 Sectional Championship SCT-09 and SCT-09DII Prelims: Complete
Playoffs: Game Statistics
11/1/08 Gateway Invitational Tournament XIII IS-79 Complete 
4/11/08 - 4/12/08 2008 Intercollegiate Championship Tournament ICT-08-DI and ICT-08-DII Complete 
11/19/05 Gateway Invitational Tournament XI IS-56 Prelims: Complete
Playoffs: Game Statistics
11/6/04 Gateway Invitational Tournament X IS-48 Prelims: Complete
Playoffs: Game Statistics
4/2/04 - 4/3/04 2004 Intercollegiate Championship Tournament ICT-04-DI and ICT-04-DII CompleteView
2/8/02 Sectional Championship SCT-02 Prelims: Records
Playoffs: Not Available
4/6/01 - 4/7/01 2001 Intercollegiate Championship Tournament ICT-01-DI and ICT-01-DII Prelims: Records
Playoffs: Game Results